Investment management company: Solar Senior Capital Ltd. (SUNS) (2010)

Solar Senior Capital Ltd. (NASDAQ: SUNS) was established on December 16, 2010. It is a closed, externally managed, and centralized investment company.

Solar Senior Capital SUNS Logo

Solar Senior Capital Ltd. (SUNS):

Solar Senior Capital mainly invests in middle market companies in the United States. The company’s investment priority loans include first and second lien debt instruments. The company also invests in listed companies that are rarely bought and sold. The company’s investment priority loans are mainly to create a middle market for private debt The company has about 20 to 100 million U.S. dollars in revenue before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.

Solar Senior Capital Ltd. is managed by Solar Capital Partners, LLC.

Solar Senior Capital Ltd.’s portfolio also invests part of other types of investments, which are called opportunistic investments.

Solar Capital Management, LLC provides administrative services to the company.

Solar Senior Capital Ltd.’s investments include cash, cash equivalents, U.S. government securities or investment grade debt, which mature within one year or less from the time of investment (collectively referred to as temporary investments). The company also issues various levels of debt and a class of preferred stock.

Since the end of 2014, the company’s portfolio includes 43 portfolio companies and 88.5% are invested in priority secured loans, 1.1% in non-secured loans and 10.4% in general stocks.

Solar Senior Capital also invests in various industries, such as aviation and defense, health care facilities, air cargo and logistics, health care services, automobiles, health care technology, asset management and custodial banks, restaurants, restaurants and leisure, construction products, industry Enterprise groups, chemistry, insurance, business services and supplies, network software and services, communication equipment, information technology services, construction and engineering, leisure equipment and products, consumer finance, machinery, containers and packaging, media, distributors, multi-line retail Consumer services, paper and forest products, financial services, personal products, real estate activities, professional services, telecommunications services, research and consulting services, educational services, software, food, professional retail, footwear, textiles, clothing and boutiques, health care Equipment and supplies and utilities.

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