IPO: Hess Midstream Partners (HESM) (2014)

Hess Midstream Partners LP (NYSE: HESM) is a cost-oriented and growth-oriented traditional management limited partnership established by Hess Corporation, the fourth largest oil company in the United States, in early 2014. It owns, operates, develops and acquires many A mid-range asset that provides services for Hess and third-party customers. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has 0 full-time employees (3/27/2017).

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Hess Midstream Partners (HESM):

In mid-2015, Hess divested part of Bakken’s existing midstream assets to Hess Infrastructure Partners. Hess Infrastructure Partners is a midstream energy joint venture. GIP acquired 50 of its assets for US$2.57 billion. % Ownership interest, which means that the total value of Hess Infrastructure Partners is approximately 5.35 billion yuan. And Hess Infrastructure Partners will transfer all its assets to Hess Midstream Partners LP before and after this public offering.

The initial assets of Hess Midstream Partners are mainly located in the Bakken and Three Forks shale areas (collectively known as Bakken) in the Williston Basin of North Dakota, one of the most productive crude oil producing basins in North America. As of December 31, 2016, the total book value of assets provided to us by Hess Infrastructure Partners to raise funds for this offering was approximately US$619 million, and the total book value of our initial offering of assets was approximately US$2.4 billion retained by Hess Infrastructure Partners .

Hess Midstream Partners (HESM) investment:

Hess Midstream Partners LP (NYSE: HESM) submitted the IPO prospectus on 9/24/2014 (two and a half years ago), and plans to land on the New York Stock Exchange on 4/5/2017. The issue price is US$23.00 and 14.78 million shares are issued. Capital of 340 million US dollars, stock code: HESM.

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