IPO Preview: Blank Check Company Pacific Special Acquisition (PAACU)

Pacific Special Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: PAACU) is a blank cheque company just registered in the British Virgin Islands, headquartered in New York, USA, with 3 full-time employees (2015/8/17) and the CEO name Zhouhong Peng, like the Chinese, except for the CEO, the other companies are no different from the blank cheque companies we introduced before. You can refer to them for understanding, and I won’t introduce them here.

Reference link: Blank Check Company

Reference companies: EAGLU , PACEU , GRSHU, etc.

Pacific Special Acquisition (PAACU) submitted an IPO application on 8/17/2015 , and plans to land on Nasdaq. The issue price is 10 US dollars per share, and the raised funds are 57.5 million US dollars. The stock code is PAACU.

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