Irish Biomedical Research and Development Company: ICON Public Limited Company (ICLR) (1990)

ICON Public Limited Company (ICON plc) (NASDAQ: ICLR) was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It has 12,592 full-time employees. It is a biomedical research and development company, a contract research organization, serving Ireland, the rest of Europe, the United States and International companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries provide outsourcing development services.

ICON Public Limited Company

ICON Public Limited Company (ICLR):

ICON Public Limited Company specializes in strategic development, management and analysis procedures, supporting development, operation and analysis services at all stages of the clinical development process from the selection of compounds to phase I-IV clinical studies. In addition, ICLR also provides clinical trial management, biostatistics activities, consulting, imaging, talent dispatch, informatics and laboratory services. Among them, clinical trial services include: researcher recruitment, research monitoring and data collection, preparation of case report forms, statistical analysis, patient safety monitoring, clinical data management, interactive voice response technology, patient report results, medical reports, patient registration, research results , Health economic research, logo usage and commercialization services.

In addition to the above, ICON clinical trial services also include strategic analysis and data calculation, clinical pharmacology, biological analysis, immunoassay development, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, research plan preparation, management consulting, product development plan, Strategic consulting, product pricing and market entry consulting, medical imaging, talent dispatch, electronic terminal adjudication, sample analysis, safety testing, microbiology, customized mobile cytometry, electronic transmission of test results, and development and service of biomarkers Wait.

ICON Public Limited Company (ICLR) History:

From a small team of 5 people in 1990, ICON now employs more than 12,600 people in 89 offices in 37 countries. The company mainly grows organically, but has strengthened its growth through a series of strategic acquisitions, which have expanded ICON. And expand the scale of existing services.

  • In 1990, Dr. John Climax & Dr. Ronan Lambe founded ICON;
  • In 1991, ICON opened its first overseas office in Winchester, UK;
  • In 1992, ICON opened an office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;
  • In 1995, ICON opened an office in Germany;
  • In 1996, ICON opened the first Asian office in Tokyo, Japan;
  • In 1998, ICON IPO landed on Nasdaq and opened the first South American office in Buenos Aires, Argentina;
  • In 1999, ICON opened its first Middle East office in Israel;
  • In 2000, ICON acquired YRCR Ltd., a British regulatory consulting company;
  • In 2000, ICON acquired New York Central Laboratory;
  • In 2000, ICON acquired Pacific Research, a bioanalysis consulting company;
  • In 2002, ICON acquired Managed Clinical Solutions;
  • In 2002, ICON opened an office in South Africa;
  • In 2002, ICON acquired BPA, a clinical research provider;
  • In 2003, ICON acquired Medeval from the United Kingdom;
  • In 2003, ICON acquired the American consulting company Globomax;
  • In 2004, ICON acquired Beacon Bioscience Inc., a medical imaging expert;
  • In 2005, ICON opened the first office in India in Chennai;
  • In 2006, Ovation Research Group, an expert on ICON acquisition results and health economics;
  • In 2007, ICON acquired DOCS International in Europe;
  • In 2008, ICON acquired US Healthcare Discoveries;
  • In 2008, ICON acquired Prevalere Life Sciences, a US bioanalysis laboratory;
  • In 2009, ICON acquired Veeda Laboratories, a British biomarker laboratory;
  • In 2010, ICON acquired Timaq Medical Imaging Inc.;
  • In 2011, ICON acquired Oxford Outcomes, an international health results consulting company;
  • In 2011, ICON acquired Firecrest Clinical, a technology provider focused on website performance and research management;
  • In 2012, ICON acquired PriceSpective, a global value strategy consulting company;
  • In 2012, ICON acquired BeijingWits, a Chinese CRO company;
  • In 2013, ICON acquired staffing and FSP provider ClinForce and Assent;
  • In 2013, ICON acquired Akos, an EU pharmacovigilance and drug safety service provider;
  • In 2014, ICON acquired Aptiv Solutions, a market-leading adaptive trial design and execution company;
  • In 2015, ICON established a new global innovation center in Ireland to promote clinical development;
  • In 2015, ICON acquired MediMedia Pharma Solutions to strengthen market access and scientific communication capabilities;
  • In 2015, ICON acquired PMG Research Inc., a comprehensive network of clinical research websites;
  • In 2015, ICON established the Medical Device and Diagnostics Research Group;
  • In 2016, ICON acquired Clinical Research Management Inc. to expand its strength in the government-funded research market;
  • In 2016, ICON was selected by Genomics England to support the world’s largest genome sequencing project;
  • In 2016, ICON was selected by ICHOM to develop the world’s first global medical outcome benchmark program.
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