Israeli data center load balancing and network security service provider: Radware Ltd. (RDWR)

Radware Ltd. (NASDAQ: RDWR) was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. It has 917 full-time employees. It is a company engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of network security and application delivery solutions. The products are suitable for global virtual hosting and cloud Host data center.


Radware Ltd. (RDWR):

Radware Ltd. is headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey, with international headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel, and an office in Shanghai, China. Radware Ltd. is a member of Rad Group’s companies.

Radware’s mission is to “stand at the forefront of technology/services and ensure that customers can stand at the forefront of the industry”. Radware’s DDoS protection, web application firewall (WAF), application delivery and load balancing solutions can optimize enterprise operation and maintenance, minimize service delivery degradation, and prevent downtime (click to download the 2017 Q4 DDOS attack threat report on the digital industry ).

Radware develops, manufactures and sells integrated network solutions. The company’s solutions include application delivery and network security solutions. The company’s products and activities are focused on delivering availability, performance, and security in the data centers of enterprises and operators. The application delivery solution field consists of simple load balancing application switches (layers 4-7).

Network security solutions include firewall/virtual private network (VPN), integrated threat prevention system (UTM), intrusion detection system, intrusion prevention system, network behavior analysis (NBA) system, and secure socket layer protocol (SSL) / Internet Protocol security (IPSec) VPN equipment.

Radware Ltd.’s competitors mainly include : F5 Networks Inc. and Citrix Systems .

Radware Ltd. (RDWR) product:

One-application delivery and load balancing

1. Alteon NG-Application Delivery Controller/Load Balancer

Alteon NG is Radware’s next-generation application delivery controller (ADC) and the only load balancer that can ensure application SLA. Alteon NG provides advanced end-to-end local and global load balancing functions for all web, cloud computing and mobile applications.

Alteon NG Load Balancer integrates advanced enterprise-oriented services and key application infrastructure challenges that will affect web applications into the best application delivery solution. These challenges include more and more complex web content, mobility and BYOD, and cloud-based Migration etc.

Alteon NG is the only application delivery solution in the industry that can start from the foundation to ensure application SLA. Alteon NG supports innovative next-generation service capabilities that other ADCs on the market do not have. It is bundled with FastView Web Performance Optimization (WPO), Application Performance Monitoring (APM), AppWall Web Application Firewall (WAF), authentication gateway, and advanced denial of service ( ADoS), ITM/bandwidth management, and maximize SSL and compression capabilities. Different from the traditional standard load balancer based on the “best effort” method, Alteon NG achieves a complete application SLA guarantee by reserving resources for each application, thereby adding new services without affecting performance and supporting real user monitoring , Best application acceleration and innovative security protection functions.

2. FastView-Web performance optimization and acceleration

Facts have proved that too slow loading time will have a negative impact on various business indicators of e-commerce websites. Time is money, so users will not waste time browsing websites that load too slowly. Every 1 second delay in page loading time will result in a loss of 7% of business conversion rate, a 11% reduction in page views, and a 16% reduction in customer satisfaction. The faster the loading time, the better. Corporate websites and web-based applications must be loaded fast enough, otherwise the company will lose customers and revenue.

FastView is a Web Performance Optimization (WPO) solution that can accelerate websites and Web-based applications. FastView can transform front-end optimization (FEO) from a lengthy and complex process into an automated task. This out-of-the-box FEO function can be executed in real time, speeding up web application response time.

Application acceleration and FEO are necessary components in the next-generation application delivery controller (ADC). Therefore, Radware integrates FastView into the Radware Alteon NG ADC.

FastView for SAP can provide faster response time for SAP applications. FastView is designed to accelerate SAP applications for global employees, partners and customers, overcome WAN bottlenecks and high latency, while ensuring uninterrupted and safe operations. The joint solution reduces network access and therefore minimizes network deployment and management operation and maintenance costs.

FastView for SAP can accelerate SAP applications on the WAN at a speed close to the LAN, and the speed even exceeds the existing load balancing (LB) and WOC solutions. FastView for SAP can provide remote users with up to 10 times the response acceleration, and it is also the only solution in the industry that can accelerate SAPGUI and WebGUI.

3. LinkProof-Link Load Balancing Solution

Has the enterprise WAN experienced application delivery failures and general performance issues? If so, for enterprises, LinkProof is a link load balancer suitable for enterprise needs.

LinkProof is a link load balancer that can realize the maximum WAN interconnection between branches and headquarters or between the disaster recovery center (DR). LinkProof is also a multi-WAN link load balancing device that allows enterprises to bypass link bottlenecks and service provider failure interruption events, manage bandwidth usage, and decide to support specific applications through specific links at specific times to help users maximize Maximize the utility of WAN.

The link load balancer can improve application availability and the response speed of the entire network, and can increase the overall throughput of server resources. Radware LinkProof is a load balancing network solution that can significantly improve network performance. It can skip link bottlenecks, avoid failure interruptions, manage bandwidth consumption, and ensure the smooth flow of corporate networks at any time.

4. AppWall-Web Application Firewall

It is not safe to conduct business on the network. This is a regrettable real problem, and it also transforms advanced Web application security and corporate network security from priority issues to mission-critical requirements. Radware’s Web application firewall solution AppWall can fully protect enterprise users.

As a Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution, AppWall can deliver fast, reliable, and secure business-critical Web applications. AppWall can mitigate Web application security threats and vulnerabilities, prevent data theft, process sensitive enterprise data, and protect user information, fully complying with PCI compliance. In addition, the risk of enterprise infrastructure equipment being used as an attack tool after being compromised is increasing, and AppWall can reduce this risk faced by enterprises.

AppWall is the core component of Radware’s next-generation attack mitigation system (AMS).

AppWall provides patent-protected technology to create and maintain corporate network security policies to achieve the widest range of security protection, minimize false alarm rates, and reduce operational workload.

After starting the automatic policy generation module, AppWall can analyze the security-related attributes in the protected Web application to find potential threats that the application may suffer. Subsequently, AppWall will map Web applications to their respective application areas with common potential threats. Finally, AppWall will generate fine-grained protection rules for each application area and set the policy to blocking mode. After the optimization process is completed, the false alarm rate will be greatly reduced, while maintaining the best corporate network security protection scope.

AppWall provides comprehensive web application security functions that can solve web application security vulnerabilities:

radware app wall

2. Application and network security

1. DefensePro-DDoS prevention and attack mitigation

Cybercriminals do not work and rest on time like normal people. Instead, they will work day and night in an attempt to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in the corporate network. Therefore, companies need to implement comprehensive corporate network security to meet the current ever-changing security challenges.

Radware DefensePro is a behavior-based real-time attack mitigation device that can protect enterprise infrastructure from network and application downtime, application vulnerability attacks, malware propagation, network anomalies, information theft and other emerging network attacks.

DefensePro provides first-class security solutions including distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack mitigation and SSL-based attack protection, which can completely protect applications and networks from denial of service attacks, DDoS attacks, Internet pipeline blockage, and login The impact of known and emerging network security threats such as web attacks, attacks hidden behind CDNs, and SSL-based flooding attacks.

2. DefensePipe-cloud attack mitigation and DDoS defense services

DefensePipe is a cloud DDoS attack protection service that can provide end-to-end localization and cloud attack mitigation for customers who have deployed the Radware Attack Mitigation System (AMS) through large-capacity DDoS attack mitigation and Internet pipeline blocking defense measures.

Once AMS detects that the Internet pipeline is facing the threat of congestion, it will immediately start this scalable DDoS attack protection service.

3. AppWall-Web Application Firewall

The introduction is the same as above.

4. DefenseFlow-SDN application and DDoS attack defense

DefenseFlow is the industry’s first software-defined network (SDN) security application. It can program the network to defend against DoS attacks. It also provides network-wide attack mitigation services and DDoS attack defense measures. As part of the Radware SDN application framework, DefenseFlow can run in any network infrastructure that supports SDN.

DefenseFlow uses SDN technology to allow network operators to program the network and provide DoS and DDoS attack protection measures in the form of localized network services. DefenseFlow can actively defend against network flood attacks and automatically activate attack mitigation services.

Based on the DoS attack detection engine and traffic shunting mechanism based on adaptive behavior mode, DefenseFlow can use the programmable characteristics of software-defined networks to clean attack traffic. As part of the Radware SDN application framework, DefenseFlow can run in any network infrastructure that supports SDN.

5. Emergency response team-emergency cyber defense personnel

The Radware Emergency Response Team (ERT) service aims to provide 24×7 security services for customers facing denial of service (DoS) attacks, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, or threats of malware propagation. Usually, companies need immediate assistance and professional DDoS defense technology for attack mitigation.

ERT can provide instant expert-level security assistance to restore network and service operating status. ERT is composed of multiple security experts with rich professional knowledge. These experts have extensive experience in network threat detection and mitigation, and have a deep understanding of the AMS product family. In addition, ERT can learn from each customer contact, simulate the same internal scenario for in-depth analysis, and provide proactive defense measures and DDoS protection technology for other customers who may face similar security threats.

Relying on the “emergency response” services of other vendors, users can only gain direct access to the self-service knowledge portal, collect information, and find potential solutions. Security and product experts will not take part in the process of mitigating active threats and attacks immediately and proactively. Other market services can only provide professional services pre-installed or used in technical facilities.

Radware’s comprehensive network of partners can provide the above services. In special circumstances, Radware’s security protection or technical support team can also provide the above services. This is indeed an “embedded” emergency service provided by professional experts, which can provide users with real-time response and protect enterprise security.

Three, management and monitoring

1. APSolute Vision-management and monitoring tool

Do you want to easily monitor and manage the entire network in a central unified console? Radware provides you with the best solution.

APSolute Vision is a management and monitoring tool for Radware’s application delivery and application security solution series. It can provide the entire enterprise application delivery, network and application security infrastructure health, real-time status, and performance across multiple data centers in a central unified console. And real-time visibility of security.

APSolute Vision can monitor and configure up to 1,000 devices across multiple data centers, eliminating the need to deploy management devices in multiple data centers, simplifying data center management. In addition, APSolute Vision also provides advanced management and monitoring functions that do not rely on any middleware, software or custom code.

2. Application Performance Monitoring (APM, Application Performance Monitoring)

Radware Application Performance Monitoring (APM) allows you to detect application performance issues first. APM ensures that Web application performance can meet customer expectations and provide consistent business SLAs.

APM is an end-to-end monitoring solution that can achieve full application SLA guarantees, providing complete application performance visibility through application, location, or specific transaction failures. APM can track actual user transactions and response time, realize real-time error detection, and users can proactively maintain application performance and protect application SLAs. This application monitoring function provides historical reports of drill-down fine-grained analysis functions based on user-defined SLAs, as well as latency measurement values ​​for each application delivery chain, including data center time, network latency, and browser rendering time .

APM uses historical reports with fine-grained measurement and rapid root cause analysis capabilities, and is the main tool for managing and tracking application SLAs. APM provides a complete view covering all applications, transactions, users, and data centers. Users can drill down to the user, application, or transaction level for analysis. In addition, application monitoring can also extract performance information from end-user devices, which can reflect the true quality of end-user experience (QoE) at any time no matter where the user is located.

Performance measurements are based on user-defined SLAs, including the minimum average response time that the application can provide, error percentages, and user experience. SLA can also analyze the geographic location level in depth, and administrators can identify problem users in a specific area.

In addition, the deployment and activation of APM is very easy. APM can be quickly activated via a simple start button, without scripting or complex agent integration.

Radware Ltd. (RDWR) History:

  • In 1997, Radware was founded.
  • In 1999, Radware IPO.
  • In November 2005, Radware acquired V Secure Technologies.
  • In April 2007, Radware acquired Covelight Systems for US$16 million.
  • In February 2009, Radware acquired the Application Delivery business of Nortel (OTC Pink:NRTLQ)-Alteon, which is now Radware Alteon.
  • In February 2013, Radware acquired Strangeloop Networks, which is a leader in Web Performance Optimization (WPO) solutions for e-commerce and enterprise applications.
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