Israeli retailer: Alon Blue Square Israel (BSI) (1988)

Alon Blue Square Israel Ltd (NYSE: BSI) was founded in 1988. Its predecessor was Alon Holdings Blue Square Israel Ltd.. It was changed to its current name in April 2013 and its headquarter is located in Yakum, Israel. A subsidiary of Alon Israel Oil Company Ltd., with 8,020 full-time employees, it is an Israeli retail company operating supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations, etc.

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Alon Blue Square Israel (BSI):

Alon Blue Square Israel is an Israeli retailer operating supermarkets, convenience stores and gas stations, providing food, beverages, housewares, toys, electrical appliances, cosmetics and general consumer goods. As of December 31, 2014, BSI owned 197 There are two supermarkets, 209 gas stations and 215 convenience stores named Alonit, Super Alonit or AM:PM. In addition, the home and textiles department of Alon Blue Square Israel opened 112 Naaman and Vardinon brand chain stores.

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2016-1-14: Blue Square-Israel’s (BSI) opened higher and went all the way, with an increase of about 100%. According to Haaretz, the BSI subsidiary is seeking a suitable buyer before having to rely on the court for debt negotiations. Unless the supplier temporarily bans BSI, it will seek help from the court.

After experiencing a sharp rise in the early trading, BSI was temporarily suspended, and it was once again pulled up after trading resumed. The reason for this increase is that the company received bids and acquisitions from Big Shopping Centers and Mega Or Holdings. The total purchase amount is 53% of BSI’s outstanding shares. After the news was announced, BSI resumed trading, which continued its sharp rise in early trading.

2016-1-15: BSI received applications from Big Shopping Centers and Mega Or Holdings to acquire 53.8% of the outstanding shares of BSI’s real estate Blue Square Real Estate. BSRE is valued at 1.65 billion NIS (Israeli currency). The buyer will deposit 100 million NIS in a third-party account as a deposit and down payment. BSI has not yet decided whether to agree to this request, and the offer has not yet been approved by the board of directors. On the same day, BSI rushed to 8.06 US dollars.

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