Italian fashion and high-end consumer goods company: Giorgio Armani SPA (1975)

Giorgio Armani (Armani) Giorgio Armani SPA was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Milan, Italy, with 4,599 full-time employees (2010). It is an Italian fashion and high-end consumer goods company founded by well-known designer Giorgio Armani. At present, the group’s product categories include men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, watches, glasses, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, household goods, and even hotels and restaurants.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani SPA information:

In 1970, Giorgio Armani and his partners founded a design studio and began to become independent designers. Mr. Armani realized new concepts from traditional tops, and designed innovative and concise casual tops that allow the hair to be placed naturally. All of his designs, whether menswear or womenswear, were based on jackets. They were completed in 1974. After his fashion conference, the title of “King of Jackets” spread like wildfire. In 1975, Mr. Armani finally established his own fashion company in Italy under his name.

Giorgio Armani SPA’s brands:

The different brands of Armani are set according to different markets and target audiences. Among them, only Giorgio Armani (GA) and Emporio Armani (EA) will appear in Milan Fashion Week every year. Giorgio Armani and its design team are directly responsible for the design and theme direction of each season. The other ARMANI brands are Take the more commercial ready-to-wear and actual wear styles, so that everyone can have ARMANI style clothing. At the same time, the clothing of Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani can only be purchased in their boutiques and official websites, but Armani Collezioni and Armani Jeans use department store stores as their main sales channels, targeting the general public.

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is based on modern and modern style, inheriting Giorgio Armani’s usual elegance, simplicity and nature, but injecting more avant-garde and popular elements in every season. Giorgio Armani will apply the latest materials and design trends developed by its design team to the two main brands of GA and EA each season.

The colors of the clothing are mainly black, white, red and gray, which are very modern and fully show the feeling of individuality.

In addition, Armani is a designer who advocates a neutral style of women’s clothing. The simpler collocation and close-fitting neutral tailoring show the straightforward side of women.

Armani Collezioni

With older workplace clothing as the main style, the main target style customers are business people and office workers. Unlike GA and EA, which only sell in their own boutiques, Armani Collezioni’s main sales channels are major department stores, also ARMANI One of the clothing series with the widest sales channels. Unlike GA and EA, which closely follow the latest fashion trends in Europe each season to design a more fit and changeable style, Armani Collezioni is quite conservative in design and tailoring.

Armani Exchange

A|X Armani Exchange was launched in New York, USA in 1991. It focuses on lifestyle and sexy personal style. The design is inspired by the street and pop dance culture. The goal is to create an approachable Armani brand.

Among the costumes and accessories of Armani Exchange, Mr. Armani interprets leisure and simplicity with his sexy and unique style. Therefore, young, urban and sexy designs can often be seen in A|X. This is not only a feature of A|X, but also The spirit of this brand. At present, Armani Exchange has more than 200 stores around the world, and it continues to actively expand this fashion territory.

Giorgio Armani Group and Como Holdings Inc. signed a cooperation agreement in 2005 to establish a joint venture, Presidio Holdings Ltd., the holding company of A|X Armani Exchange. In 2008, the Giorgio Armani Group held 50% of the holding company for the brand.

On May 15, 2014 (Thursday), Giorgio Armani completed the acquisition of the remaining 50% shares of A|X Armani Exchange, realizing 100% control of the brand. Giorgio Armani plans to build A|X Armani Exchange into the first Italian fast fashion brand, targeting young people who pursue Armani.

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