Italy’s largest military defense group: Leonardo SpA (formerly Finmecanica)

Leonardo Co., Ltd. (Leonardo Company, Leonardo Company) Leonardo SpA was founded in 1948 and is headquartered in Rome, Italy. It has 46,462 full-time employees (2018). It is a high-tech multinational headquartered in Italy. Enterprises, business operations include aerospace, defense and security. The group provides product manufacturing, service and integrated solutions for governments, militaries and institutions of many countries. The company was originally Finmeccanica SpA, Italy. On April 28, 2016, the shareholders meeting approved the company’s name change to Leonardo (Leonardo SpA) on January 1, 2017. It was taken from Leonardo. Do Da Vinci (Da Vinci); during the transition period the name Leonardo-Finmeccanica (Leonardo-Finmeccanica SpA) was adopted.


Leonardo SpA:

Italian Finmeccanica Group (Finmeccanica) is Italy’s largest engineering and aerospace and defense group, and it is still a state holding company. It is Italy’s largest large-scale group company active in the high-tech field, and it is also the most famous internationally involving aviation, aerospace, energy, transportation and information technology and other fields with extremely high requirements for production capacity, management level and innovative materials. One of the large groups in the field of technology. The company, together with Lockheed Martin , Boeing , Northrop Grumman , Raytheon , General Dynamics , and BAE Systems , are among the top ten military industrial enterprises in the world.

Finmecanica Group is mainly engaged in the design and production of aircraft, helicopters, satellites, missile systems, radars, trains and generator sets. It also owns 22% of the shares of ST Microelectronics , a world-renowned microelectronics manufacturer , and the company’s profits are mainly From ST Microelectronics, a company engaged in the service industry.

The total output value of Finmecanica Group accounts for 70% of the total output value of the Italian defense industry. The group’s state-owned holdings are 32.4%. The group directly or indirectly holds 121 companies, of which 63 are Italian companies and 128 companies’ A small percentage of shares, of which 42% belong to Italian companies. Finmeccanic is one of the top ten companies in the world in the fields of aerospace, defense and security, ranking second in Europe. The group’s advantages stem from three strategic pillar businesses: helicopters, aerospace, and defense electronics. These businesses account for 65% of the company’s total revenue, and approximately 70% of the company’s personnel serve these business areas.

Since May 15, 2014, Mr. Mauro Moretti has concurrently served as the managing director and general manager of the group. The group has 47,000 employees, has manufacturing plants in Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States and Poland, and has established offices in 15 countries on five continents.

On January 1, 2016, the group officially merged its holding companies OTO Melara and WASS, and took over all the businesses of the holding companies AgustaWestland, Alenia Aermacchi and Selex ES. The combined new group operates in 7 business areas (helicopters, aircraft, aviation infrastructure, aviation and aerospace electronic systems, land and marine defense electronics, security and information systems). In addition, it will rely on the following holding companies and joint ventures to conduct business: DRS Technologies (integrated defense products, services and support), Telespazio (satellite services), Thales Alenia Space (satellites and orbital facilities), MBDA (missile systems) , ATR (Regional Aircraft).

Leonardo’s main products

Military and civilian aircraft

“Eurofighter” (jointly developed by four European countries); Tornado (design and manufacture of variable swept wings and the final assembly of the aircraft ordered by the country); AMX light subsonic attack aircraft (developed in cooperation with Embraer); G.222 Medium-range twin-engine turboprop multi-purpose military aircraft. Improved and modified C-27 military tactical transport aircraft based on G.222; A400M military transport aircraft (developed in cooperation with other six European countries). MB-339 series advanced trainer; C22J jet trainer; S.211 turbofan trainer; SF260 series military and civilian intermediate trainer; M290TP “Redigo” multi-stage turboprop military trainer and multi-purpose aircraft (take over in 1996 The Finnish development project has been produced in Italy since then). SF600 twin-engine general purpose aircraft; SM1019 turboprop short-range landing and landing aircraft for military surveillance and support; A21S and A21SJ gliders and jet gliders; P180 “forward” twin-engine turboprop service aircraft. Participated in the development and production of ATR42 (42-50 seats) and ATR72 (66-74 seats) series of regional passenger jets; large business jets “Falco” 2000 and “Falco” 900EX (developed in cooperation with France Dassault Aircraft Company, Italy is responsible for the post Design and manufacture of fuselage and engine nacelle); Airbus A380 large passenger aircraft (participated in development and production).


The patented engines are: T64-P4D; J79-19; Wipel 11, 526, 540 and 632-43 turbojet engines; Gem1004 turboshaft engine; T53-L-13 turboshaft engine; T55-L-11 and T55-L-712 engine and its derivatives; Spey 807 turbofan engine (responsible for parts, assembly and testing). Cooperation in development and production of engine has: RB.199 (in cooperation with Rolls-Royce and MTU design, development and production); civil aircraft with PW2037 (with Pratt & Whitney (Pratt & Whitney, now part of Raytheon) and MTU design companies, Development and manufacturing), PW4000, JT8D, PW120 (design, development and manufacturing in cooperation with Pratt & Whitney), V2500 (design, development and manufacturing in cooperation with Pratt & Whitney, Rolls & Whitney, MTU and JAEC), CF6- 80C2 and CFM56-5B (in cooperation with General Electric Company); T-700/CT7 (in cooperation with General Electric Company) for helicopters, CT7-6 (in cooperation with General Electric Company), RTM322 turboshaft engines (in cooperation with Rollo-Turbo Cooperative development and production by Meca); LM2500 and LM500 marine/industrial gas turbine engines ( designed, developed and manufactured in cooperation with General Electric ). In addition, it also produces parts for the EJ200 installed in the Eurofighter, the TP400 installed in the Airbus A400M military transport aircraft, and the T700-T6A installed in the EH101 helicopter.

Weapon system and airborne equipment

Products include the production of all airborne radars for the Italian Air Force, the APS-784 radar and the HEW-784 early warning radar installed on the EH-101 helicopter and the RDR1500 maritime search and surveillance radar for the Italian Navy, and the design, development and monitoring of the European fighter aircraft. Passive infrared airborne tracking equipment (PIRATE) and flight simulator systems produced; radar early warning equipment and active electronic jamming (ECM) systems for “Surf” and Eurofighters.

Leonardo participated in the project

  • MBDA missile (25%)
  • Horizon class destroyers (Horizon SAS) and (EuroSysNav)
  • Cooperating with France’s DCNS and Italy’s Finmeccanica/Fincantieri. Owning half of the shares, France and Italy are expected to produce more than 27 ships by 2016 at a cost of approximately US$16 billion (€11 billion), which is the largest shipbuilding project in Western Europe.
  • Eurotorp
  • Cooperate with Finmeccanica and French DCN/Thales. Own half of the shares and produce anti-submarine weapons and torpedoes.
  • NHIndustries (32%)[5]
  • European Fighter GmbH (21%)
  • Designed and produced Euro 2000 in collaboration with EADS and BAE.
  • The Global Military Aviation System (GMAS) has joined forces with Alenia North America Inc and L-3 IS (L-3 telecommunications subsidiary) for the Future Cargo Aircraft (Future Cargo Aircraft):
  • Superjet 100
  • NEUROn European drone
  • C-27J Spartan Tactical Transport Aircraft

Leonardo SpA investment:

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