Japanese elevator and escalator manufacturer: Fujitec Co.,Ltd. (FJTCY) (1948)

Fujitec Co., Ltd. (OTC PINK: FJTCY, TYO: 6406) was established in 1948 and is headquartered in Hikone, Japan, with 10,292 full-time employees. It is a company engaged in Japan, North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and East Asia. A company that develops, manufactures, markets, installs and maintains conveyor systems (elevators, etc.).

Fujitec Co

Fujitec Co.,Ltd. (FJTCY):

Fujitec is a Japanese manufacturer of elevators and escalators, and it is also the only elevator product brand in Japan. Fujitec was founded in 1948 by the founder, Shintaro Uchiyama. The head office was established in “Big Wing” (ビッグウィング) in Miyata-cho, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, and moved from Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture in 2006 (Heisei 18), which is now “Big Fit” (ビグフィット).

Fujitec provides elevators, escalators and moving walks. The company’s products are installed in office buildings, hotels, commercial buildings and residential buildings.

Fujitec ranks fourth in elevators and fifth in escalators in the Japanese market. Most of its products are located in stations, public facilities and large facilities. It is also the first Japanese-owned elevator company to set up branches and factories in the world, especially Singapore and Hong Kong have a high market share. Fujitec is currently a member of the Big Wheel Association.

Fujitec Co.,Ltd. (FJTCY) history:

  • 1948: Fuji Conveyor Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Nishi Ward, Osaka Prefecture.
  • 1963: Listed on the second section of the Osaka Stock Exchange.
  • 1964: The first overseas branch was established in Hong Kong.
  • 1965: Headquarters moved to Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture, and the Osaka Factory began operations.
  • 1970: Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 1974: The company changed its name to Fujitec (Japanese: フジテック).
  • 1989: Toyooka Plant (now known as Big Step) started operation.
  • 2000: Shiga Factory (now known as ビッグウィング, Big Wing) started operation.
  • 2006: Headquarters, research and development, and production lines were integrated in Big Wing (ビッグウィング)
  • 2010: Development of the “Big Step” production base for escalators and the after-sales service base “Big Fit” (ビッグフィット) completed.
  • 2012: The first section of the Osaka Securities Exchange was cancelled.

Fujitec Hong Kong

Fujitec (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Fujitec, was established in Hong Kong in 1964. It is the third largest elevator contractor in Hong Kong. It maintains nearly 6,000 elevators and 600 escalators, accounting for all elevators in Hong Kong. About 10% of our customers cover the comprehensive maintenance and repair services of lifts and escalators in various properties of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, as well as large housing estates such as Henghua Village. The office building is on the 34th floor of the Hong Kong Commercial Center on Connaught Road West.

  • August 1964: Fuji Engineering Co. (HK) Ltd. was established.
  • March 1974: The company changed its name to “Fujitec Mechanical Engineering (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.”.
  • 1976: Participated in the “Apprenticeship Training Program”.
  • August 1985: The company changed its name to “Fujitec (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.”.
  • 2014: The company’s 50th anniversary.

Fujitec Co.,Ltd. (FJTCY) investment:

Distinction Foster (Fujitec), Fuji Film (Fujifilm), Fuji Electric (Fuji Electric).

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