Japanese legal litigation data management system developer: FRONTEO (FTEO)

FRONTEO, Inc. (NASDAQ:FTEO, TYO:2158) was founded on August 8, 2003, formerly known as UBIC, Inc., was changed to its current name in July 2016. Headquarters Located in Tokyo, Japan, with 362 full-time employees, it is a company that provides eDiscovery solutions and service solutions and services in Asian languages ​​mainly in the United States, Europe and Asia.



FRONTEO is divided into two divisions :

Legal Tech Services and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions Services (KIBIT).

FRONTEO has Japanese, Korean, Chinese and English versions of electronic discovery (eDiscovery) and digital forensics and forensic information recording systems.

FRONTEO assists clients involved in cross-border litigation, administrative litigation and internal investigations, including investigations related to antitrust investigations, intellectual property litigation, “FCA” and product liability investigations.

FRONTEO also provides Lit i View, an online eDiscovery software that can handle Asian language characters, encoding schemes, and native file systems; and Intelligence Cloud solutions for maintaining customer data during and after specific litigation or investigations, as well as on customer Data and documents are maintained in a relational database of data and documents.

In addition, FRONTEO also provides electronic data forensics investigation solutions and services that can save, analyze, process and generate electronic storage information related to fraud and company information leakage; forensic tools; and Lit i View XAMINER, a digital forensics software, And other related hardware and software products.

Furthermore, FRONTEO helps create document management procedures; conduct corporate risk audits; and comply with legal requirements to provide information to stakeholders.

In addition, FRONTEO also provides AI solutions in the fields of business intelligence, healthcare and digital communications.

FRONTEO provides services to enterprises, government agencies, law firms and other organizations under the brands FRONTEO, KIBIT and Landscaping.

FRONTEO has extensive experience in electronic discovery and forensics, expertise in recording information in Japan, South Korea, China, and the United Kingdom, and expertise in company applications related to litigation, administrative litigation and investigation. The company’s clients include leading law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies.

FRONTEO, Inc. (FTEO) investment:

U.S. stocks were delisted, and Japanese stocks continued to trade.

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