Japanese real estate developer: Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. (MITEY) (1890)

Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. (OTC PINK:MITEY, MITEF, TYO:8802) was established in 1890 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It has 9,619 full-time employees and is engaged in real estate in Japan and internationally. Activities are the core assets of the Mitsubishi Group .

Mitsubishi Estate

Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. (MITEY):

Mitsubishi Estate is a real estate company in Japan. It ranks No. 1 among Japanese integrated real estate developers such as Mitsui Fudosan and Sumitomo Realty (the second in the industry in terms of turnover and the first in operating profit).

The Mitsubishi Land Office is one of the core companies of the Mitsubishi Group. Because the “Daimaruari area” (Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho) in Tokyo developed by the old Mitsubishi chaebol has more than 30 buildings, the “Mitsubishi village”.

At present, the Mitsubishi Land Office is carrying out the urban regeneration project of building reconstruction in the Daimaru area of ​​Tokyo. The total investment in the 20 years from 1998 to 2017 was 950 billion yen. This investment plan is to transform the existing building into a skyscraper with additional office services, commercial and cultural functions, hoping to increase the occupancy rate of existing buildings and new buildings including rent. Now the “first phase” has been completed, and a total of 6 buildings have been constructed, including Marunouchi Building, Japan Industrial Club Hall, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank Main Store Building, Marunouchi OAZO, Tokyo Building, New Marunouchi Building, and The Peninsula Tokyo.

Starting in 2008 and expected to be completed in 2017, the “second phase” will rebuild seven to eight buildings. In 2009, the Furukawa Building, the Marunouchi Yaesu Building, and the Mitsubishi Corporation Building were built after the integration and reconstruction of the three buildings, the “Marunouchi Garden Building” and the Mitsubishi Building No.1. The construction of Marunouchi Yongraku Building (Marunouchi 1-4 project, Togin Building, etc. reconstruction plan) and the Otemachi 1-chome 2nd district plan are still ongoing.

In addition, the condominium business with the brand “PARK HOUSE” (パークハウス) as the main body has developed many high-end apartments in the center of Tokyo and Izumi Garden City (泉パークタウン) in Sendai City. In 2009, the number of apartments provided ranked eighth in Japan (2,188 households) and seventh in the Tokyo metropolitan area (1,659 households).

In recent years, it has also begun to develop and operate commercial facilities, including the out-of-box shopping center (funded by the operating company Chelsea Japan) including Gotemba Premium Outlets, and the commercialization of the Marunouchi area. In addition, it also operates fitness clubs, high-end hotels, Royal Garden Hotel, and other facilities.

The business of Mitsubishi Estate Co. mainly includes:

  • Development, leasing, property management and sales of office buildings;
  • Operating outlets and other retail facilities; providing services to meet various needs of apartments, custom housing, purchase and sale, leasing, brokerage areas, decoration and management; and develop office buildings, residential buildings, commercial facilities and other real estate;
  • Provide real estate investment trust services and private equity funds to meet the specific management needs of institutional investors;
  • Provide architectural design and engineering services, including architecture, civil engineering, and urban and regional development planning and consulting;
  • Operate the hotel network under the Royal Park Hotels brand; and provide real estate problem solutions for companies and high net worth individuals, such as real estate brokerage, apartment and office building rental management support, parking management support, and real estate evaluation.

The Mitsubishi Estate and Crown Group Holdings formed an alliance to jointly develop a 374-unit apartment called Mastery.

Main buildings and commercial facilities owned by Mitsubishi Land:

  • Marunouchi Building (Maru Building)
  • New Marunouchi Building (New Marunouchi Building)
  • Mitsubishi Building One Art Museum
  • Marunouchi OAZO
  • Tokyo Building TOKIA
  • Hibiya Castle
  • Sanno Park Tower
  • New Castle Peak Building
  • Royal Park Shiodome Tower (ロイヤルパーク Shiodome Tower)
  • Water City Odaiba (アクアシティお Odaiba)
  • Yokohama Landmark Building
  • Queen’s Plaza Yokohama
  • Gangbei MINAMO
  • Dai Nagoya Building
  • Osaka Elegant Garden
  • IMS
  • Kawasaki Le FRONT (transferred jurisdiction to Mitsubishi Wire Industries in 2004)

Successive Presidents of Mitsubishi Landsho Co., Ltd.:



During the tenure

Graduated school

First Generation

Watanabe Takejiro


Tokyo Higher Commercial School

2nd generation

Nakata Otoichi


Otaru Higher Commercial School

3rd generation

Ito Tatsuji


Tokyo University of Commerce

4th generation

Takagi Taketaro


Department of Economics, Chuo University

5th generation



Keio University Faculty of Law

6th generation



Keio University Department of Economics

7th generation

Kimura Keji


Department of Economics, University of Tokyo

8th generation

Sugiyama Hirotaka


Department of Economics, Hitotsubashi University

Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. (MITEY) History:

  • 1937-Mitsubishi Estate was separated from the real estate department and construction department of the Mitsubishi Joint Venture and became an independent company
  • 1952-The first generation of Shin Marunouchi Building (New Marunouchi Building) was completed
  • 1953-Merger and acquisition of Yanghe Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Kaidong Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  • 1965-Da Nagoya Building (Da Nagoya Hall) completed
  • 1968-Mitsubishi East Hall 9 (Mitsubishi Hall 1) was demolished
  • 1969-Akasaka PARK HOUSE (Akasaka パークハウス) was completed and entered the strata apartment business
  • 1972-The first phase of Spring Garden City (泉パークタウン) was completed
  • 1981-Hibiya Castle (Hibiya シティ, Hibiya International Building) completed
  • 1986-Hiroo Garden Hill (広尾ガーデンヒルズ) completed
  • 1989-bought Rockefeller Center, New York City, USA
  • 1990-Invested in Rockefeller Group
  • 1993-Yokohama Landmark Building completed
  • 1993-PARK HOUSE Tamagawa (パークハウス Tamagawa) completed
  • 1996-The Osaka Elegant Garden (Osaka Ameenic, OAP for short) was completed
  • 2001-Mitsubishi Land Office was split from Mitsubishi Land Office and became an independent company
  • 2002-Marunouchi Building completed
  • 2004-Marunouchi OAZO (Marunouchi オアゾ) completed
  • 2005-Tokyo Building (Tokyo Hallway) completed
  • 2006-Won the 3rd Best Parking Award in Japan (Japan Buston Award) Excellence Award (system, related departments) [2].
  • 2007-New Marunouchi Building completed
  • 2008-Minamishacho shopping mall “SUNAMO” completed
  • 2009-Marunouchi Garden Building (Marunouchi パークビルディング) was completed and Mitsubishi Building No. 1 was rebuilt
  • 2010-Higashikurume shopping mall “QURUNE” completed

Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. (MITEY) investment:

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