Japan’s largest and the world’s second largest supplier of auto parts: Denso Corporation (DNZOY)

DENSO Corporation (OTC: DNZOY, DNZOF, East Stock Exchange Division 1: 6902) was spun off from Toyota Motors on December 16, 1949, and operated independently. Headquartered in Kariya, Japan, with 154,493 full-time employees, it is a car manufacturer A company that provides automotive technology, systems, and components. It is also Japan’s largest and the world’s second largest supplier of auto parts.

DENSO Corporation

DENSO Corporation (DNZOY):

Denso Corporation is a supplier of automotive technology, systems and components to large automakers. We are committed to creating high-quality products, researching and developing advanced technologies to make the world a better place. The company started as a component supplier of Toyota Motor and later became a subsidiary of Toyota Group. Mainly produce automobile air conditioning systems, ignition systems (such as iridium alloy spark plugs), fuel injection systems, engine ignition control systems, etc. In 2017 Fortune 500, ranked 236th.

DENSO Corporation (DNZOY) Product & Service:

1. Automotive industry

Denso provides a variety of automotive products and technologies to help minimize environmental impact and reduce traffic accidents, while also increasing comfort and convenience.

1. Power transmission control system : develop and manufacture products for hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, gasoline and diesel engine management systems and components, power transmission control systems, starters and power generation systems (such as alternators).

2. Electronic system : development and manufacture of semiconductor sensors, microelectronic equipment (such as IC), and electronic products, such as engine electronic control unit (ECU).

3. Thermal system : develop and manufacture automobile and bus air conditioning systems, cooling systems and components, such as radiators and cooling fans.

4. Information and safety systems : develop and manufacture ITS (intelligent transportation system) products, such as car navigation and ETC (electronic toll collection) systems; telematics products; driving control and driving safety related products (airbag sensors and ECU); body Electronic equipment and meters.

5. Small motors : develop and manufacture motors for windshield wiper systems (wipers), power windows, power seats, power sliding doors, power steering systems, engine control systems and other automotive systems. (Developed and manufactured by ASMO CO., LTD)

2. Industrial products

Denso’s industrial products and technologies can support factories, shops and offices in various industries. You will discover Denso’s innovations in the fields of robots, QR code and barcode readers, and mobile air conditioning units.

Develop and manufacture factory automation products (industrial robots, programmable logic controllers), automatic identification products (barcode readers, QR code readers, and IC card-related products). (Developed and manufactured by DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED)

3. Consumer Goods Field

Denso provides a wide range of products and technologies from charging stations to hot water supply systems to help make smart homes a reality.

Develop and manufacture CO 2 refrigerant heat pump water heaters, central air-conditioning and home energy management systems (HEMS) products.

4. New areas of Denso

1. Micro-grid : Denso is helping to realize a low-carbon society through micro-grid products and technologies, including home energy management system (HEMS), storage batteries, V2H (vehicle-to-home) power supply system, and production capacity in the era of interconnected cars and homes , Energy storage and other energy-saving products.

2. Electric power assist : The electric power assist technology derived from the automobile motor/control system helps to realize a safer and more environmentally friendly society.

3. Safety : Denso’s sensor technology helps realize a safer life.

4. Medical care : Denso’s biosensor systems and surgical operation support robots provide useful assistance in disease prevention, early detection and early recovery, and improvement of the quality of life.

5. Biotechnology (microalgae) : Denso hopes to use an efficient algae cultivation process to absorb CO2 and produce biofuels to replace fossil fuels, thereby improving environmental quality.

6. Agricultural support : Denso uses greenhouse environment control system and energy-saving technology to help realize more efficient and stable vegetable cultivation and improve agricultural competitiveness.

7. Cold storage chain : Through energy-saving refrigeration and freezing technology and fresh-keeping technology, Denso ensures safety and quality during the entire food transportation and supply process from production to consumption.

8. Community network solution business : Denso supports the information release work in the community, helping to create a safer and more convenient daily life for people.

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