Laboratory reagent consumables & chemicals supplier: VWR Corporation (VWR)-delisting (1852)

VWR Corporation (NASDAQ:VWR) was founded in 1852, formerly known as VWR Investors, Inc., and changed to its current name in June 2014. Headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, USA, it has 9,300 full-time employees and is a global life science company. , A company that provides laboratory products, services and solutions for the general research and application market. VWR Corporation is a subsidiary of Varietal Distribution Holdings, LLC.


2017, VWR Corporation was Erwann Billiton takeover and delisting!

VWR Corporation

VWR Corporation (VWR):

VWR Corporation began to provide products for the mining and laboratory markets in 1852. After more than 160 years of rapid development, VWR has a leading position in several industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, industry, education, government and healthcare. In view of VWR’s history and experience, the company can always provide customers with unparalleled product choices, achieve its promise through excellent operations, and simplify the work of scientists and other professionals through a set of differentiated services. VWR services include custom manufacturing and supporting research and laboratory operations.

VWR Corporation is divided into two divisions to operate: Americas (Americas) and EMEA-APAC (Europe, Middle East and Africa-Asia Pacific).

VWR Corporation products and services include:

  1. Provide chemicals, reagents, consumables, durable products, scientific equipment and instruments.
  2. Custom manufacturing solutions are also provided, including buffers, reagents and biopharmaceutical and industrial applications as well as other chemicals used in the production process.
  3. In addition, VWR also provides value-added services under the VWRCATALYST brand, including procurement, logistics, chemistry, equipment tracking and sample management, as well as scientific research support services, such as genotyping, bioreactor services, composite management, and custom kit assembly.

VWR Corporation serves the biopharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical, environmental, food and beverage, healthcare, microelectronics and petrochemical industries, as well as government agencies, universities, primary education and research institutions, and environmental organizations.

VWR Corporation (VWR) History:

  • In 1852, John Taylor founded the John Taylor Company;
  • In 1901, Taylor retired and sold the company to FW Braun Corporation in Los Angeles;
  • In 1908, FW Braun Corporation merged with Gustav Knecht and Richard Heimann to form Braun-Knecht-Heimann (BKH);
  • In 1950, Heimann retired and sold the company to George Van Waters and Nat Rogers;
  • In 1953, Van Water & Rogers, Inc. acquired Braun Chemical Company (formerly known as FW Braun Corporation);
  • In 1966, Van Waters & Rogers, Inc. merged with United Pacific Corporation to form VWR United Corporation;
  • In 1974, VWR United Corporation changed its name to Univar Corporation;
  • In 1976, Univar acquired McArthur Chemical;
  • In 1986, Univar Corporation was reorganized into two companies-the original Univar Corporation and the newly established VWR Corporation. VWR Corporation will own and operate the non-chemical distribution business;
  • In 1988, VWR company was restructured into 5 parts: VWR Scientific, VWR Graphics, VWR Textiles & Supplies, Momentum Textiles, Acacia/VWR Electronics;
  • In 1989, VWR Corporation acquired Sargent-Welch, which became its wholly-owned subsidiary;
  • In 1993, VWR became the sole distributor of laboratory chemicals and related products of Canada BDH Ltd. (a subsidiary of Merck KGaA );
  • In 1994, VWR Corporation cooperated with another Merck subsidiary-Bender & Hobein;
  • In 2000, the company named VWR Scientific Products Corporation became VWR International, Inc.;
  • In 2004, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (CD&R) acquired VWR Corporation from Merck KGaA;
  • In 2007, Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC (MDP) acquired VWR Corporation;
  • In 2009, the VWR Charitable Foundation was established;
  • In 2014, VWR Corporation IPO was listed on Nasdaq.
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