Large Japanese optical instrument manufacturer: Nikon Corporation (NINOY) (1917)

Nikon Corporation (Nikon Corporation) Nikon Corporation (OTCMKTS: NINOY, TOEX 1: 7731) was founded in 1917, formerly known as Nippon Kogaku KK (Japan Optical Industry), and changed to its current name in 1988, with 25,031 full-time employees , Is a large Japanese optical instrument manufacturer and one of the affiliated companies of Mitsubishi Group .

Nikon Corporation Logo

Nikon Corporation (NINOY):

Nikon has been committed to the research and development of optical and video products. Its products include cameras, camera lenses, integrated circuit manufacturing equipment, liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, telescopes, microscopes, projectors, glasses and measuring instruments.

Nikon was founded in 1917, when it was originally called Nippon Optical Industry Co., Ltd. ( Nippon Optical Industry Co., Ltd. ). In 1988, the company changed its name to the current name based on its best-selling camera brand “Nikon.” The name “Nikon” was first used by Nippon Optics in 1946 to match the newly launched eyeglass lens product line Pointar (ポインタール). It was mainly used as the prefix of “Nippon Kōgaku” in the Roman alphabet of “Nippon Optics”. abbreviation.

As a veteran military industry company, Nikon has produced military products such as the sights of fighters and bombers and the periscopes of submarines . Nikon’s products are still widely used in main battle tanks, warships and aerospace fields in Japan and the United States.

On the Korean battlefield, both the Chinese People’s Volunteers and the United Nations are using artillery rangefinders and telescopes produced by Nikon. Due to Nikon’s great contribution to optical work in Japan, the road in front of Nikon’s camera department in Nishioi was named “Optical Street” (光通り).

Nikon’s major shareholders include (September 2012):

  • Japan Trust Services Trust Bank ( Japan’s トラスティ・サービス Trust Bank ): 8.49%
  • Master Trust Bank of Japan (Mast Tower Trust Bank of Japan ): 7.27% stake
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.: holds 5.68%
  • Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance: 5.19% shareholding
  • State Street Bank (State Street Bank and Trust Company) : 4.89% shareholding
  • Tokyo Marine Nippon Fire Insurance: 2.03% stake
  • Japan Life Insurance : holds 1.99%
  • SSBT OD05 Omnibus Account Treaty Clients (SSBT OD05 Omnibus Account Treaty Clients): 1.93%
  • Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ : holding 1.86%
  • Changyang Bank: 1.71%

Nikon Corporation (NINOY) History:

  • In 1917, in response to the Japanese government’s goal of advocating the localization of military optical instruments, the optical department of the Tokyo Measuring Instrument Manufacturing Plant ( Tokyo Keiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ) and the reflector department of the Iwaki Glass Manufacturing Plant ( Iwaki Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ) were established in the Mitsubishi Group (at that time). Also known as the Mitsubishi Joint Venture Company ) President Iwasaki Koyata’s investment support was integrated, and the Nippon Optical Industry Co., Ltd. ( Nippon Optical Industry Co. , Ltd. ) was established, and the Fujii lens manufacturing plant ( Fujii Lenz Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. ) was later merged .
  • In 1932, “Nikkor” was officially adopted as the camera lens brand.
  • In 1945, it turned to mainly manufacture cameras, microscopes, telescopes, measuring instruments, measuring instruments and spectacle lenses.
  • In 1946, “POINTAR” glasses lenses were officially launched on the market.
    • The 35mm camera officially adopted Nikon as the brand.
  • In 1959, Nikon’s first 35mm (135 type) single-lens reflex camera Nikon F (The Nikon F) was launched and the Nikon F mount was introduced.
  • In 1966, the Photoslit Lamp microscope was launched.
  • In 1980, Nikon F3 single-lens reflex camera was launched.
    • Ecolab’s 10-cm reflecting equatorial telescope for astronomy is launched.
    • Nikon single-lens reflex cameras are used in the NASA spacecraft program.
  • Nikon Precision Inc. was established in the United States in 1982.
    • The OPTISTATION IC wafer inspection system was launched.
    • Nikon’s fully manual single-lens reflex camera FM2 was launched on the market.
  • Launched a new MF SLR on February 5, 2001-FM3a instead of FM2
  • “Nikon Imaging Instrument Sales (China) Co., Ltd.” was established in Shanghai on June 22, 2005
  • On January 11, 2006, it was announced on the official website of Nikon UK that it would discontinue most of the cameras that use film except for F6, so as to focus more on digital photography and withdraw from the traditional camera market. But did not specify when it will officially stop production.
  • In late August 2010, Nikon Holdings Hong Kong Limited was established, and Hong Kong was used as the headquarters for China and Asia.
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