Laser system equipment supplier: Electro Scientific Industries (ESIO) (1944)

Electro Scientific Industries Inc. (NASDAQ:ESIO) was founded in 1944 and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA. It has 651 full-time employees and together with its affiliates. It provides a foundation for the global microtechnology industry Laser manufacturing solutions.

Electro Scientific Industries

Electro Scientific Industries (ESIO):

American Electronics Technology Industry Corporation is the world’s leading supplier of laser system equipment for micro-precision processing and inspection applications, widely used in semiconductor, microelectronics, optoelectronics and other emerging industries. ESI develops and supplies photonics and laser systems for the microelectronics manufacturing industry. Following Tektronix ( acquired by Danaher in 2007 ) and Intel , numerous technology-based companies have emerged in the Portland area.

The laser system of Electro Scientific Industries Inc. can be used to produce the components of almost any current electronic products, including computers, mobile phones, personal palmtop computers and game consoles.

History of Electro Scientific Industries (ESIO):

  • In 1944, Brown Engineering was founded as the predecessor of ESI. Later, it was renamed Brown Electro-Measurement Corporation (BECO);
  • In 1953, Douglas C. Strain of BECO and 3 other investors bought out Strain and its partners’ shares in Brown, established Electro Measurements Inc., and began to use the ESI trademark in the market;
  • In 1959, Electro Measurements Inc. changed its name to ESI, Inc.;
  • In 1960, ESI, Inc. was renamed Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (ESI) and is still in use today;
  • In 1983, ESI became a publicly traded company;
  • In 1997, Electronic Technology Industry Corporation acquired California Dynamotion Corp.;
  • In 1997, Electro Scientific Industries acquired California Chip Star Inc.;
  • In 1997, Electronic Technology Industry Corporation acquired Applied Intelligent Systems Inc. (AISI) in Michigan;
  • In 1999, Electro Scientific Industries acquired Testec Corp. in Arizona;
  • In 2007, Electronic Technology Industry Corporation acquired California New Wave Research Inc.;
  • In June 2012, Electro Scientific Industries acquired Eolite Systems, a fiber laser manufacturer;
  • In May 2013, Electronic Technology Industry Company acquired the semiconductor system business of GSI Group;
  • In January 2015, ESI acquired Wuhan Topwin Optoelectronics Technology Co., a Chinese laser company;
  • In August 2016, the American Electronic Technology Industry Corporation announced that Cascade Microtech (the company was sold to FormFactor in February 2016 for US$352 million, and the transaction was completed in June of the same year) former CEO Michael Burger will take over on October 3, 2016 Edward Grady serves as the company’s CEO.
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