Late-stage clinical biopharmaceutical company: Liquidia Technologies, Inc. (LQDA)

Liquidia Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: LQDA) was founded on June 8, 2004, headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina, USA, with 60 full-time employees (6/30/2018). It is a late-stage clinical biopharmaceutical company focusing on For the development and commercialization of human therapies, the proprietary PRINT® technology is used to change the lives of patients.

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Liquidia Technologies, Inc. (LQDA):

PRINT® is a particle engineering platform that can accurately produce uniform drug particles, aiming to improve the safety, effectiveness and performance of various treatment methods. Liquidia Technologies is currently focusing on developing two candidate products with global commercial rights: LIQ861-for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension (PAH), and LIQ865-for the treatment of local postoperative pain.

The company’s first product candidate, LIQ861, is currently undergoing phase III clinical trials. LIQ861 is a dry powder formulation of Treprostinil, which aims to improve the treatment of Treprostinil by enhancing deep lung delivery and achieving higher dose levels than current inhalation therapies. characteristic. The company has adopted PRINT technology to enable the company to provide LIQ861 through a convenient disposable dry powder inhaler (DPI).

Liquidia Technologies also applied PRINT technology to the company’s second product candidate, LIQ865, which recently completed a phase Ib clinical trial. LIQ865 is designed to provide sustained-release bupivacaine granules, a non-opioid anesthetic, which can be administered to treat local postoperative pain through a single administration. The efficacy can last for three to five days.

In addition to the two main product candidates developed by the company, Liquidia Technologies also uses its PRINT technology to cooperate with leading pharmaceutical companies and intends to cooperate in-depth with pharmaceutical companies in various therapeutic fields.

Independent industry research company Decision Resources Group estimates that in 2016, more than 50% of patients with PAH in the United States used Treprostinil through three routes of administration (oral, inhalation, and parenteral infusion), which generated approximately the same amount of revenue as PAH drugs in the United States. The treatment market is about one-third of US$3.7 billion.

The inhalation route of inhaling drugs directly into the lungs helps to minimize the extra-tissue adverse side effects of systemic administration by directly delivering the drug to the place where it is needed. Tyvaso® (treprostinil, inhalation solution) is sold in the United States by United Therapeutics Corporation and is the standard of care in inhalation therapy. More than 80% of inhaled prostacyclin is sold in the United States.

Current inhalation therapies, including Tyvaso, are provided by nebulizers, which convert liquid formulations into mists and require 4 to 9 doses per day. Nebulizers require regular maintenance and maintenance, including daily cleaning and the use of other parts and supplies, such as distilled water and power supplies, all of which will affect the portability of the device and the quality of life of patients.

Liquidia Technologies believes that if LIQ861 is approved, it will be the first inhaled dry powder treprostinil that can be administered using a convenient, palm-sized dry powder inhaler (DPI).

Liquidia Technologies, Inc. (LQDA) investment:

Liquidia Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:LQDA) submitted its IPO prospectus on 6/28/2018, and listed on NASDAQ on 7/26/2018. The issue price is US$11.00, 4,545,455 shares are issued, and US$50 million is raised. Jefferies / Cowen joint underwriting.

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