Lead scrap recycling company: Aqua Metals (AQMS) (2014)

Aqua Metals, Inc. (NASDAQ:AQMS) is a Delaware company just established on June 20, 2014. It is headquartered in Oakland, California, and has 69 full-time employees (9/30/2018). A waste recycling company with unique technology (AquaRefining, currently applying for a patent) engaged in lead recycling business.

Aqua Metals

Aqua Metals (AQMS):

Aqua Metals adopts a novel electrochemical method-AquaRefining, which can recover lead from waste lead-acid batteries and produce pure lead with a purity greater than 99.99%. Compared with smelting, AquaRefining can significantly reduce the production cost of lead, so , Encourage related companies to recycle used batteries, so that AquaRefining can significantly reduce environmental emissions related to lead smelting to achieve the goal of environmental protection.

Lead is a globally traded commodity. The global market trade volume exceeds US$20 billion. The chemical nature of lead allows it to be recycled and reused. At the same time, most of the lead mines have been exhausted. The current situation is that 57% of the global lead demand is recycled, purified and reused. In some developed countries, such as the United States and Germany, this proportion is even higher. The main source of lead recycling is lead-acid batteries and there are a large number of laboratories. Aqua Metals’ AquaRefining patented lead recycling technology is aimed at this market.

So far, any technology for mining, producing, recycling and purifying lead is a process of high pollution and high energy consumption. Therefore, many developed countries strictly manage the lead production industry. For example, most of the lead raw materials used in the United States are produced in Mexico. of. The AquaRefining technology of Aqua Metals can significantly reduce lead pollution in the production and recycling process, and improve the environment and human health.

Aqua Metals (AQMS) investment:

Aqua Metals, Inc. submitted its IPO prospectus on June 9th, 2015. The IPO was listed on Nasdaq on 7/31/2015. The issue price was US$5, 6.6 million shares were issued, and US$33 million was raised to develop it. AquaRefining technology, the code is: AQMS.

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