Leading regenerative medicine medical device company: ACell, Inc. (ACLL)

ACell, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACLL) was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, USA. It has a manufacturing plant in Lafayette, Indiana, and has 400 full-time employees. It is a leading regenerative medicine company dedicated to Development, manufacturing and commercialization of medical equipment for wound treatment and surgical soft tissue repair.


ACell, Inc. (ACLL):

ACell, Inc. is engaged in the development and commercialization of extracellular matrix equipment, repairing and remodeling damaged tissues and organs with a series of surgical methods for US and international patents. ACell is committed to using the company’s advanced platform technology to solve complex clinical problems in regenerative medicine, so as to continue to maintain its innovative leadership position in regenerative medicine technology.

ACell’s core product portfolio is based on the company’s platform technology-MatriStem UBM™ (Urinary Bladder Matrix). The MatriStem UBM technology is based on the research of the late M.D. Alan Spievack, the founder of ACell. Inspired by the regenerative ability of Salamander, Dr. Spievack studied cell regeneration and extracellular matrix (ECM), which eventually led to the development of MatriStem UBM technology. These devices are extracellular matrices that help people remodel the functional tissues of the appropriate part.

ACell, Inc. provides:

  • MatriStem Technology——a non-crosslinked, absorbable cell-free material.
  • MatriStem Wound Care Matrix-a wound care device using regenerative medicine technology.
  • MatriStem Plastic Surgery Matrix-a plastic surgery and wound care equipment.
  • MatriStem Hernia Matrix-a general surgical equipment.

On April 26, 2011, ACell, Inc. received US$8.7 million in venture capital funding.

ACell, Inc. (ACLL) investment:

ACell, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACLL) plans to log on to Nasdaq on 7/20/2020 (to be confirmed) IPO operation, issue price $14.00-$16.00, issue 5 million shares, raise 75 million US dollars, UBS Investment Bank/ Barclays/ Underwriting by RBC Capital Markets, co-sponsored by SunTrust Robinson Humphrey.

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