[Licensed supervision] Perfum Global 15 seconds account opening + lifetime commission-free + 2 yuan investment in Hong Kong and US stocks

Currently, the Hong Kong and US stock trading platforms on the market require cumbersome account opening procedures and need to open an account in person; they are troublesome in deposit and withdrawal; many also charge high handling fees + platform usage fees. To find a safe and reliable platform, you must keep your eyes open. Perfum Global is such a safe and reliable platform. It is strictly regulated by international licenses. It is easy to open an account in 15 seconds. It supports payment methods such as mainland bank cards and other payment methods. It has 0 account opening fees and free warehouse opening fees, starting at 2 yuan Vote, 20 times leverage.

Now open an account at Pak Fu Global to enjoy double gifts:

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  • 1 Reward: Open an account and send $20 real funds directly, and all the profits are yours
  • 2 Reward: 50% commission rebate for trading

Click to open an account now and receive double benefits for newcomers.

Mobile phone scan code download APP (Android version / IOS version)

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Scan the code on your mobile phone to experience the Perfum Global H5 trading platform

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About Perfum Global-Investing in Hong Kong and US stocks with one account

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Perfume Global was registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and obtained a local financial institution license (license number: 25402 BC 2019). It was created by international financial professionals with many years of experience in the field and experts in the field of Internet trading technology. It is an investor Provide 24-hour online trading services for multiple stocks and ETFs in China and the US market.

PAF Global brings together multiple advantages and is the first choice for investors in trading:

  • One account trading port, the US Super 100 leading stocks and stock index ETFs.
  • Ultra-low transaction costs, starting at 2 yuan, 20 times leverage, small capital and large profits.
  • T+0 mode, two-way trading, both ups and downs are profitable.
  • Strict supervision of funds, quick deposit and withdrawal.

Perfum Global provides customers with the most advanced H5 mobile trading platform for Hong Kong and U.S. stocks. It only takes 0.03 seconds to complete transactions at a fast speed. It updates real-time market quotations every second, and is equipped with the most abundant and detailed market information to help you break through the restrictions of time and place and grasp investment Opportunity.

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