Macau Casino Gaming and Entertainment Company: Studio City International Holdings (MSC)

Studio City International Holdings Limited (NYSE: MSC) was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Cotai, Macau, with 4,400 full-time employees (6/30/2018). It is a world-class gaming, retail and entertainment resort operator.

Studio City International Holdings

Studio City International Holdings (MSC):

Studio City (Studio City) was spin-off from Melco International (HK:0200). Studio City, together with its subsidiaries, operates the Studio City project, a Hollywood movie-themed integrated complex located in Cotai, Macau Entertainment, retail and gaming resorts. Currently, about 60% of Studio City is held by Melco Crown , while Melco International holds 51.2% of Melco Crown.

Studio City Casino has 250 popular gaming tables, 45 VIP gaming tables, and approximately 970 gaming machines. The company believes that these machines can provide higher profits and attractive long-term growth opportunities. Studio City’s movie-themed integrated resort aims to attract customers by providing highly differentiated non-gaming attractions, including the world’s first 8-shaped Ferris wheel, Warner Bros. themed family entertainment center, and 4-D Batman flight simulation A live performance stage with an exclusive nightclub and 5000 seats. Studio City has approximately 1,600 luxury hotel rooms, diverse dining venues and approximately 35,000 square meters (approximately 377,000 square feet) of complementary retail space.

Studio City:

Studio City Macau (Studio City Macau), formerly known as: East Asia Satellite TV Studios, Studio Macao City (Studio Macao City). Located on the Cotai Road in Cotai, Macau, adjacent to the Lotus Port, with a total floor area of ​​approximately 6 million square feet, it is Asia’s first entertainment ferry that combines theater, film and television studios, shopping malls, entertainment and world-class luxury hotels in one Fake integrated project. The project is led by Cyber ​​One Agents Limited. In 2011, Melco International announced the acquisition of the remaining equity in Xinglimen for US$260 million, and changed its name to Studio City, which opened on October 27, 2015.

Studio City cooperated with Melco Crown Gaming (Macau) Co., Ltd. to open a 500,000 square-foot Las Vegas-style casino with more than 400 gaming tables in Studio City. Only 210 gaming tables were approved at the opening, of which 160 will be placed in the midfield, 50 will be high-end or VIP gaming tables, and the remaining 40 will be approved at the end of the year, that is, the new casino project is expected to receive a total of 250 this year Casino table.

Entertainment facilities:

The hotel has 4 entertainment facilities:

  1. “Cinema Star”-Standing between two hotel buildings, it is 130 meters high and is the tallest figure-eight Ferris wheel in the world. The design idea comes from the “Gatham City” spotlight in the movie “Batman”. There are 17 spotlights in total. The retro science fiction-themed viewing cabins can accommodate 10 people each, and the journey takes about 18 minutes to enjoy the scenery of Macau and Hengqin.
  2. “Batman Dark Flight”-the world’s first 4D multimedia “Batman Dark Flight” simulation flight experience game with the theme of DC Comics superhero Batman.
  3. “Magic Room”-The “Magic Room” managed by Franz Harary has 3 independent magic theaters, allowing audiences to enjoy 3 different magical performances in a sophisticated theater for 90 minutes.
  4. “Warner Moon Fun Children’s Paradise”-located on the 3rd floor, covering an area of ​​40,000 square feet, with interactive amusement facilities featuring Warner Bros. and DC comic heroes, “Looney Tunes” and “Hannah Barbera” and other characters as the theme. Children bring a unique play experience.

The development history of Studio City :

  • The Xinglimen development project is located in Cotai, Macau. It was approved in 2001 for the East Asia Satellite TV Studios, covering an area of ​​approximately 150,000 square meters. The first phase of the project was originally planned to be completed in 2009. However, it is said that due to legal litigation and disputes in the development project, the relevant plan has not been implemented.
  • When this huge piece of land was granted in 2001, it was due to the fact that the theme park plan (similar to Universal Studios’ tourism project) put forward by the developer of the East Asia Satellite Television Studios helped to develop Macau’s tourism hardware and help increase Macau’s tourism activities. The attractiveness of this area was only MOP 23.32 million to grant this 150,000 square meter land to the developer. According to the contract of the year (Direction from the Secretary for Transport and Public Works No. 100/2001 and its annex, Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau No. 6396.1 and Land Commission No. 20/2001), the land is used for the construction of a film production center and tourism and entertainment assistance Facilities with a total construction area of ​​144,500 square meters. Its use is clearly stipulated in the contract, as film production (indoor and outdoor production studios and auxiliary facilities) and tourism and entertainment auxiliary facilities, with a construction area of ​​101,100 square meters (71,010 square meters in the first phase and 30,900 square meters in the second phase Meters), and the total construction area including office buildings (5925 square meters), restaurants (1500 square meters), parking lots (4800 square meters), outdoor passages (20,515 square meters) and staff dormitory residences (10,000 square meters) is 42,740 Square meters. There is no hotel or casino element in it, but it should be a vast film and television city.
  • The Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Liu Shiyao, clarified that in the developer’s “this application, there is no reference to casinos.” He insisted that this project does not include gaming elements, and reiterated that the government has determined in 2010 that Macau’s gaming industry must be regulated. In the three years from March 2010, the number of table games in Macao has been regulated within 5,500. Therefore, the government will not approve the gambling elements contained in the aforementioned projects.
  • In November 2008, due to insufficient financing, the first phase of the superstructure (topping) of the Macau Xinglimen project, which cost 10 billion yuan, was suspended.
  • In November 2008, W Hotel Macao has been shelved its management plan.
  • In November 2009, a Cyber ​​One Group member company and a Playboy Group member company entered into an agreement to develop a diversified casino named “Playboy Mansion Macao” (developed as part of the Macau Stargate Project), which has been terminated by Playboy.
  • On August 3, 2011, the Acting Secretary of the Works Bureau followed the instructions of the Chief Executive to provide Mr. Ou Kam Sun with relevant information about Xinglimen, which mentioned: “With regard to the Xinglimen development project, the land contracting company proposed a new proposal in 2007. Land use development plan, and follow up the land grant contract modification procedures in 2008. The newly revised land use development plan and land grant land include film production, hotels and parking lots. The total construction area will exceed 650,000 square meters. “. This is a major modification. The project has changed from no hotels to hotels, and the total construction area of ​​144,500 square meters has been changed to more than 650,000 square meters. That is, the plot ratio has increased from less than 1 to 4.3. Times, the nature of the original theme park has completely changed. However, in the above reply, it was also revealed that “during the commencement of the procedures for the modification of the relevant land grant contract, due to legal proceedings among the shareholders of the land granting company, the procedure has not been completed.” This means that Director Liu The so-called “Revision and Development Plan for Land Grant Approved by the Government in 2008” can be regarded as not officially approved at all because of the incomplete procedures.
  • On November 23, 2012, Baohua Jianye Construction (Macau), a subsidiary of Baohua Construction and Construction (Macau), as joint ventures, were authorized to construct the Studio City project for Studio City. The total amount of the project contracting is approximately HK$10 billion and is expected to be completed in mid-2015.
  • On January 12, 2015, He Youlong, Co-Chairman and CEO of Melco Group, stated that the Studio City project includes two hotel towers, providing 1,600 rooms and accommodating 500 gaming tables. The group hopes to be approved for 400 Casino table. The project will also be based on Hollywood movies, and it will cooperate with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment to bring superheroes and classic characters to Macau. In the movie gallery, the 130-meter-high and Asia’s tallest Ferris wheel, Batman Nightstalker, Magic Room, 5000-seat Variety Hall, Pacha Nightclub, and No. 8 Broadcasting Room for the recording of reality shows will be set up on the outer wall.
  • On October 27, 2015, Studio City officially opened in Macau.

Studio City International Holdings (MSC) investment:

Studio City International Holdings Limited (NYSE: MSC) submitted the IPO prospectus on 9/7/2018 and listed on the NYSE on 10/18/2018. The issue price was US$12.50, 28.75 million shares were issued, and 3.59375 was raised. 100 million dollars, Deutsche Bank Securities/ Credit Suisse/ Morgan Stanley joint underwriting.

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