Manufacturer of anti-virus and sterilization equipment: STERIS plc (STE)

STERIS plc (NYSE: STE) was founded in Ohio in 1985, formerly known as Innovative Medical Technologies, and changed to its current name in 1987. Headquartered in Derby, UK, it has 12,000 full-time employees. It is a medical equipment company that provides infection prevention and other procedures products and services in more than 100 countries around the world.



STERIS plc was founded in 1985 and began to use its current name in 1987. The company’s history can be traced back to a long time due to acquisition activities, such as the acquisition of American Sterilizer Company.

Steris was founded in Ohio, USA, but on October 13, 2014, STERIS announced the acquisition of British competitor Synergy Health PLC for US$1.9 billion in cash and stock. The transaction was based on the closing price of Synergy Health PLC the previous day 39% premium. Because the UK has a more friendly tax environment, the merged “New Tyrese” became a British registered company and continued to stay in the US.

STERIS is divided into 4 divisions : Healthcare Products, Healthcare Specialty Services, Life Sciences and Applied Sterilization Technologies.

  1. Healthcare Products ——Provide cleaning chemicals and sterility assurance products; accessories for gastrointestinal (GI) procedures, cleaning, disinfection and other equipment used for aseptic processing operations; equipment used in operating rooms, including operating tables and lights , Equipment management services and connection solutions. The department also provides capital equipment installation, maintenance, upgrade, repair and troubleshooting services. The company’s healthcare product department provides a wide range of infection prevention, surgery and gastrointestinal solutions for emergency care institutions, outpatient surgery centers and gastrointestinal clinics. The company’s solutions help customers improve surgery, aseptic treatment, and gastrointestinal tract. And the safety, quality, productivity and utility of the emergency environment.
  2. Healthcare Specialty Services -Provide solutions and management services, including instrument and endoscope repair and maintenance solutions; and customized process improvement consulting and outsourcing aseptic processing services to acute care hospitals and other medical institutions. The business focus of this department is on the management of surgical equipment and the provision of consulting solutions to improve the prognosis of patients. Provide a series of professional services for medical service providers, including hospital disinfection services, surgical instruments and lens repair.
  3. Life Sciences -provides formulated cleaning chemicals, barrier products, sterility assurance products, steam and evaporative hydrogen peroxide sterilizers, and washer sterilizers. Whether the customer is a researcher or a manufacturer, STERIS Life Sciences has solutions to help prevent contamination at every step of the process. On a global scale, the company provides solutions through its equipment, formulated cleaning chemicals and service solutions to help create and maintain a clean and sterile environment. The company’s products help its customers increase productivity, manage risk, and reduce operating costs through innovative and customized solutions.
  4. Applied Sterilization Technologies -provides contract sterilization services using gamma, electron beam and X-ray technology, ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide; and laboratory testing services. STERIS AST provides contract sterilization and microbial reduction services to manufacturers of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and industrial products. The company’s global network has more than 50 sterilization and laboratory facilities, providing customers with a single-source sterilization design process at each stage (from product development to daily processing).
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