Manufacturer of optical fiber communication equipment: Infinera Corporation (INFN) (2000)

Infinera Corporation (NASDAQ: INFN) was founded in 2000, formerly known as Zepton Networks, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA, with 2,240 full-time employees, and is a manufacturer of optical fiber communication equipment.

Infinera Corporation Logo

Infinera Corporation (INFN):

Infineon Corporation is a manufacturer of optical fiber communication equipment, and has proposed a new generation of optical network structure-Intelligent Digital Optical Network (Digital Optical Network). By taking advantage of the structural advantages of large-scale photonic integration technology (PIC) and next-generation optical networks to enable optical-to-electronic-to-communication signal optical (OEO) conversion, the intelligent digital optical network greatly simplifies the existing network structure and improves economic benefits.

In the metropolitan area network, local area network or core network, if an intelligent digital optical network is configured, operators will have an application platform that can be intelligently dispatched. Network planning, network design and network operation will become simpler, and business configuration will change. To be more flexible, the time for business to be launched on the market will be greatly shortened, and business development will become more convenient.

Infinera Corporation (INFN) History:

  • In 2000, Drew Perkins, Jagdeep Singh and David Welch founded Zepton Networks, the predecessor of Infinera Corporation;
  • In 2007, Infinera’s IPO landed on Nasdaq and raised US$182 million, with Goldman Sachs as the underwriter;
  • In August 2015, Infinera acquired Swedish Transmode for US$350 million.
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