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The free media company GCI Liberty, Inc. (NASDAQ: GLIBA) was spun off from Tele-Communications Inc. (formerly NASDAQ: TCOMA, later acquired by AT&T ) in 1991. It was formerly known as Liberty Media Corporation (formerly NASDAQ: BATRA, NASDAQ:BATRK, NASDAQ:FWONA, NASDAQ:FWONK, NASDAQ:LSXMA, NASDAQ:LSXM, NASDAQ:LSXMK, OTCQB:BATRB, OTCQB:FWONB) (formerly NASDAQ:LMCA), headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, USA, full-time With 2,051 employees, it is a company engaged in media, communications and entertainment businesses in North America [PS: There are many and messy codes for this product, and Yahoo does not have a market quote, it can only be viewed on the NASDAQ official website].

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Free media company GCI Liberty, Inc. (GLIBA):

GCI Liberty, Inc. and its subsidiaries provide various communication services in the United States. The company mainly provides data, wireless, video, voice and managed services to residential customers, businesses, government entities, and educational and medical institutions in Alaska under the GCI brand. It also operates a digital invitation platform that provides custom display ads, local advertising content, custom videos and brand partner services.

Liberty Media Corporation engages in media, communications and entertainment businesses in North America through its subsidiaries.

  1. Liberty Media uses its satellite radio system to broadcast music, sports, entertainment, comedy, talk, news, traffic and weather channels, as well as entertainment news services on a subscription basis.
  2. Liberty Media also provides connected vehicle applications and services to enhance the safety, security and driving experience of vehicle driving. It streams music and non-music channels through the Internet, and mainly transmits satellites and Internet through automobile manufacturers, retail stores and websites. Road channels and accessories.
  3. Liberty Media also provides other ancillary services, such as direct and in-store entertainment solutions to commercial subscription accounts, satellite TV services, travel links, a set of data services, including weather charts, fuel prices, sports game schedules and scores, movies List, instant traffic and weather services. Rear seat TV, a service that provides children’s TV content in the back seat of a car.
  4. Liberty Media also owns and operates the Major League Baseball franchise of the Atlanta Warriors. Five minor league clubs include the Wainwright Warriors, the Mississippi Warriors, the Roman Warriors, the Danville Warriors, the GCL Warriors, and the Dominion Warriors. The Republic of Nicana has a baseball academy and leased baseball facilities.
  5. In addition, Liberty Media also licenses its technology to various electronic product manufacturers to develop, manufacture and transmit radios under specific brands.

Free media company GCI Liberty, Inc. (GLIBA) history:

  • In 1991, Liberty Media was split from Tele-Communications (TCI) and became independent;
  • In the mid-1990s, Liberty Media, which had achieved great success, merged with Tele-Communications;
  • On March 13, 1998, Liberty Media Group and TCI Group announced the merger of Encore and STARZ! to form a new independent company-Encore Media Group, owned by Liberty Media;
  • On September 28, 1998, Liberty Media announced the establishment of Liberty Interactive. The new company owns 86% of TCI Music Inc. (formerly NASDAQ: TUNE/TUNEP);
  • On March 3, 1999, the U.S. Department of Justice approved Tele-Communications to sell its 23.5% stake in Sprint Corporation and merge it with AT&T for $48 billion. Liberty Media and TCI’s telephone and network business TCI Ventures Group LLC (TCIVA) Merger, all the companies mentioned above become part of AT&T. AT&T gave Liberty Media US$5.5 billion to buy back shares or acquire other companies. AT&T then acquired TCI’s other businesses for US$2.5 billion, including: @Home Corp ., National Digital Television Center, Western Tele-Communications Inc., etc.;
  • On September 10, 1999, Liberty Media Group changed the name of TCI Music to Liberty Digital Inc. (formerly NASDAQ: LDIG);
  • On December 17, 1999, TCI Satellite Entertainment Inc. (TSAT) announced that Liberty Media had purchased 300 million US dollars of Sprint shares in TCI Satellite preferred shares;
  • On August 10, 2001, in order to ensure the smooth completion of the acquisition of MediaOne Group for 54 billion US dollars, AT&T divested Liberty Media and sold its 25.5% stake in Time Warner Entertainment ;
  • In 2001, Liberty Media acquired Liberty Digital and Liberty Satellite & Technology (formerly TCI Satellite), both of which were independent companies spun off by TCI;
  • Immediately afterwards, Liberty Media acquired 9 German regional limited TV network companies for USD 5 billion;
  • In June 2005, Liberty Media International merged with UnitedGlobalCom free Universal (Liberty Global);
  • In May 2006, Time Warner acquired a 50% stake in Liberty Media’s Court TV for $735 million;
  • On May 16, 2006, IDT sold its IDT Entertainment business unit to Liberty Media;
  • In February 2007, Liberty Media exchanged assets with News Corp. (News Corp.) and Time Warner (Time Warner). The exchange was completed on February 12 of the same year. Liberty Media received $1 billion in cash and Atlanta Braves, while Time Warner received Obtained 60 million Time Warner shares held by the former, valued at 1.27 billion US dollars at the closing price of the day, and the transaction was completed on May 16 of the same year; on February 20, 2008, the FCC approved News Corp. to exchange 16.6% equity. Liberty Media’s 38.4% equity transaction in DirecTV, valued at US$11 billion;
  • In April 2007, Liberty completed the purchase of WFRV-TV TV station;
  • In April 2011, Liberty Media announced the sale of WFRV and WJMN TV stations to Nexstar Broadcasting Group (NYSE:NXST) for US$20 million ;
  • May 2011, Liberty announced plans to US $ 1.02 billion acquisition of Barnes & Noble (Barnes & Noble), and then the eggs;
  • On August 8, 2012, Liberty Media announced plans to spin off Starz (formerly Encore Media Group) to establish a new independent listed company, Starz Inc. (NASDAQ: STRZA, NASDAQ: STRZB). The transaction was completed on January 15, 2013 ;
  • In March 2013, Liberty Media announced the acquisition of a 27.3% stake in Charter Communications from Apollo Management for US$2.62 billion .
  • On September 8, 2016, John Malone’s Liberty Media Corp. stated that it had agreed to acquire Formula One cars in cash and stock. The transaction valued the latter at $4.4 billion. Former Fox Entertainment Group Chief Operating Officer Carey will replace Bao Bida as Chairman of Formula One, and the latter will remain Director of Formula One. Eccleston will continue to serve as the chief executive officer of Formula One, with the organization’s headquarters still in London.
  • On March 9, 2017, Liberty Interactive Corporation acquired a controlling stake in GCI Liberty (previously known as General Communication, Inc.) and contributed certain assets and liabilities to GCI Liberty from its Liberty Ventures Group tracking stock. Liberty Interactive Corporation redistributed the remaining assets and liabilities of Liberty Ventures Group to QVC Group , including its shares in ILG and FTD, green energy portfolio and certain exchangeable bonds, as in its final submission to the SEC on December 29, 2018 As stated in the power of attorney. Liberty Interactive subsequently carried out a tax-free separation of its interest in GCI Liberty, distributed its interest in GCI Liberty to Liberty Ventures Group shareholders, and completely redeemed the shares of Liberty Ventures Group. Subsequently, Liberty Interactive Corporation’s remaining tracked inventory QVC Group became asset-backed inventory and was renamed Qurate Retail Group .
  • On December 29, 2017, Liberty Interactive acquired the remaining 62% (owned by QVC Group) of HSNi that was not yet owned in all equity transactions . The fixed consideration for each HSNi held by HSNi shareholders is 1.65 QVCA shares.

Free media company GCI Liberty, Inc. (GLIBA) investment:

If you don’t understand the relationship between many Liberty series companies, such as Liberty Global, Liberty Media, Liberty Broadband, etc., please refer to the historical encyclopedia section of this article: The relationship between Liberty series companies has been cleared in one article

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