Medical beauty company (breast augmentation & breast implant): Sientra, Inc. (SIEN) (2003)

Sientra, Inc. (NASDAQ:SIEN) was founded in 2003, formerly known as Juliet Medical, Inc., and changed to its current name in April 2007. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, with 259 full-time employees, it is a medical beauty company , Is committed to developing and selling medical aesthetics products for plastic surgeons and patients in the United States. Sientra focuses on providing a combination of silicone gel breast prosthesis products, breast tissue expanders and body shaping products that can be used in breast augmentation and breast reconstruction processes. Sientra’s breast augmentation technology is also recognized and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Sientra Inc Logo

Sientra, Inc. (SIEN):

Sientra, Inc. is a medical cosmetic company that develops and sells medical cosmetic products for plastic surgeons in the United States. Sientra operates through two divisions, Breast Products and miraDry.

Sientra provides silicone breast implants (breast implants for breast augmentation) for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction surgery; breast tissue expanders; scars and scar management under the brands of Sientra, AlloX2, Dermaspan, Softspan and BIOCORNEUM (scar removal )product.

Sientra also provides body contouring products (sculpting products); facial and nasal implants; saline-filled breast implants; miraDry system, a non-surgical device that can permanently reduce armpit sweating and body And hair smell (body odor, etc.).

The main business model of Sientra, Inc. is to sell breast augmentation, breast tissue expanders (breast prosthesis) and breast augmentation products to plastic hospitals & plastic surgeons. Sientra’s main silicone breast augmentation products are used for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. During the process, the company provided products with more than 120 different shapes, sizes and textures, which were approved and sold by the US FDA. The product line includes breast augmentation, breast tissue expanders, other tissue expanders, body sculpting, and facial implants. And medical aid gel, etc.

Sientra, Inc. (SIEN) investment:

Industry leader GC Aesthetics (GCAA) postponed its listing.

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