Medical device company: Micron Solutions, Inc. (MICR)

Micron Solutions, Inc. (AMEX: MICR) was founded in 1986, formerly known as Arrhythmia Research Technology, Inc., changed to its current name in March 2017, headquartered in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA, with 83 full-time employees. The company Micron Products, Inc., as a contract manufacturing organization, produces precision machined and injection molded medical device components in the United States and internationally .

Micron Solutions

Micron Solutions, Inc. (MICR):

In addition to producing precision machined and injection molded medical device components, Micron Solutions also produces components, equipment and equipment for military, law enforcement, automotive and consumer product applications.

Micron Solutions products also include sensors coated with silver/silver chloride and conductive resins, which are used as consumable parts in integrated disposable electrophysiological sensors that can be used to monitor electrical signals in various medical applications.

Micron Solutions also provides orthopedic implant components; thermoplastic injection molding services; and value-added services, including the design, manufacture and repair of injection tools.

Micron Solutions provides services to original equipment manufacturers, other contract manufacturing organizations, and the defense industry.

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