Medical device company: Predictive Oncology Inc. (POAI)

Predictive Oncology Inc. (NASDAQ:POAI) was founded in 2002, formerly known as Precision Therapeutics Inc. (formerly NASDAQ:AIPT), changed its current name in June 2019, and then formerly known as Skyline Medical Inc., which was changed to Precision Therapeutics in February 2018, is headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota, USA, and has 24 full-time employees. It is a medical equipment company that mainly provides various medical and health products and services in the United States.

Precision Therapeutics

Predictive Oncology Inc. (POAI):

In February 2018, Precision Therapeutics was established as a joint venture between Skyline Medical and Helomics. Using the power of artificial intelligence, Precision Therapeutics is collaborating with the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotechnology industries to develop highly customizable evaluation methods for cancer patients, thereby helping patients Provide more effective treatments.

Predictive Oncology produces environmentally friendly systems for the collection and treatment of infectious fluids produced by surgical operations and post-operative care. Precision Therapeutics provides STREAMWAY fluid waste management system, which uses standard surgical tubes to absorb patients’ surgical waste; and disposable supplies.

Predictive Oncology also provides contract research organizations (CRO) to provide personalized medical solutions for the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnology industries. Its CRO service utilizes the artificial intelligence function applied to the disease database to improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

Precision Therapeutics sells and markets its STREAMWAY fluid waste management system and procedure disposables to medical facilities through various direct sellers and independent distributors.

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