Medical equipment and in vitro diagnostic technology: Surmodics, Inc. (SRDX)

Surmodics, Inc. (NASDAQ: SRDX) was founded in 1979 under the name of Bio-Metric Systems, Inc. (BSI) and changed to its current name in 1997. Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States, full-time 369 employees, together with its subsidiaries, provide medical equipment and in vitro diagnostic technology for the healthcare industry in the United States and internationally.


Surmodics, Inc. (SRDX) Stock:

Surmodics is a global leader in surface modification technology for vascular medical devices and a leading supplier of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) testing and microarray chemical components. After the successive acquisitions of Creagh Medical and NorMedix-recognized innovators of balloon catheters and delivery systems-the company’s comprehensive capabilities in proprietary surface technology, equipment design, development and manufacturing have been significantly improved.

Surmodics is divided into two departments to operate : Medical Device (medical device) and Vitro Diagnostics (in vitro diagnostics).

  1. Medical Device——Design, develop and manufacture interventional medical devices mainly used in the peripheral vascular market; and provide surface modification coating technology to enhance the access, deliverability and predictable deployment of medical devices, as well as drug delivery coatings Technology, from the surface of coronary artery, peripheral, neurovascular medical equipment to provide specific site drug delivery, urology and other markets.
  2. Vitro Diagnostics——Provide stable products, substrates, antigens and surface coatings for diagnostic users; manufacture or sell components for in vitro diagnostic immunoassays and molecular tests, as well as surface coatings for diagnostics, biomedical research and life science markets .
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