Medical equipment and supplies company: Milestone Scientific (MLSS)

Milestone Scientific, Inc. (AMEX:MLSS) was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Livingston, New Jersey, USA, with 14 full-time employees. It is a company that develops computer control for the medical and dental markets in the United States and internationally. Company of anesthetic delivery equipment.

Milestone Scientific

Milestone Scientific (MLSS):

Milestone Scientific operates in the dental and medical fields.

Milestone Scientific products include:

The CompuDent System, which is used to control the flow rate of anesthesia during injection, can perform almost painless injections for various dental procedures, including conventional fillings, implants, root canals and crowns; CompuFlo, a computer-controlled drug delivery system, For painless delivery of drugs, anesthetics and other drugs, as well as for inhalation of body fluids or injection of substances.

CompuFlo also includes a disposable injection handheld device for tactile control during injection; CompuFlo Epidural, a computer-controlled anesthesia system for various medical applications; CompuFlo Intra-Articular, a device for administering corticosteroids and other drugs Computer controlled injection system; CompuMed is used in various applications, such as styling, hair repair, podiatry, colorectal, dermatology, plastic surgery and various other operations.

Milestone Scientific’s products also include Cosmetic Botulinum Injection for painless injection of botulinum toxin; veterinary nerve block anesthesia device; Wand Single Tooth Anesthesia System; and other equipment.

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