Medical equipment company: Allied Healthcare Products (AHPI) (1979)

Allied Healthcare Products Inc. (NASDAQ: AHPI) was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. It has 181 full-time employees. It is a company that provides medical services in the United States, Europe, Canada, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Far East. Healthcare industry, hospitals provide companies that manufacture, distribute and sell various respiratory system products.

Allied Healthcare Products Logo

Allied Healthcare Products (AHPI):

Allied Healthcare Products mainly provides respiratory medical equipment/products, including:

  1. Respiratory care/anaesthesia products: including air compressors, calibration equipment, humidifiers, pediatric oxygen tents, drying equipment;
  2. Disposable breathing products: including oxygen tubes, masks, intubation tubes, circuit fans;
  3. Home Respiratory Care Products: Including aluminum oxygen cylinders, oxygen regulators, pneumatic nebulizers, portable air suction equipment;
  4. Medical gas equipment: including structural products such as medical system components in the wall, central station pumps and compressors, and front-end walls;
  5. Regulating devices and air suction equipment: including flow meters, vacuum regulators, pressure regulators, and related adapters, accessories, measuring hoses, regulators, monitors, and transmission of medical gas to patients through wall pipes or equipment;
  6. Disposable oxygen cylinders for short-term oxygen supply;
  7. In addition, the medical products provided by United Healthcare Products include demand resuscitation valves, portable resuscitation systems, mask bags and related products, emergency transmission ventilator, precision oxygen regulator, constant flow devices with 1 to 5 constant valves, and 8 Constant flow devices with constant valves and humidifiers and other breathing/resuscitation products; trauma and patient handling products, such as spinal fixation products, gas-containing anti-shock clothing, and trauma burn kits.

The service targets of United Healthcare Products include hospitals, hospital equipment distributors, hospital construction contractors, home healthcare distributors, emergency medical product distributors and others.

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