Medical equipment company: Endologix Inc. (ELGX) (1992)

Endologix Inc. (NASDAQ: ELGX) was founded in 1992, formerly known as Radiance Medical Systems, Inc., changed its current name in May 2002, is headquartered in Irvine, California, and employs 619 full-time employees , Is a medical equipment company that mainly provides stent grafts and catheter drug delivery systems.

Endologix Inc ELGX Logo

Endologix Inc. (ELGX):

Ndorjex mainly develops, manufactures, distributes and sells medical devices for the treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms in the United States and internationally. Endologix provides minimally invasive endovascular repair (EVAR) products under the brands Powerlink, IntuiTrak, AFX and VELA Proximal Endograft, including EVAR stent grafts and catheter delivery systems.

Endorjex also provides endovascular sealing (EVAS) products based on the Nellix platform, which seals aneurysms to provide blood flow to the legs through two blood chambers.

In addition, Endologix provides proximal aortic extensions and branch extensions, which are additional products to the main body of the EVAR device, allowing doctors to customize the assembly to meet the patient’s anatomy; and accessories that simplify the optimal delivery of EV​​AR products. Contains compatible wire, snare and catheter guide sheath.

Endorjex sells its medical device products through its direct sales team, network agents and independent distributors.

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