Medical fluid delivery equipment company: Atrion Corporation (ATRI) (1944)

Atrion Corporation (NASDAQ: ATRI) was founded in 1944 and is headquartered in Allen, Texas, USA. It has 528 full-time employees. It is a company engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of medical equipment products such as oxygen delivery for medical use and intravenous infusion delivery.

Atrion Corporation Logo

Atrion Corporation (ATRI):

Atrion Corporation mainly develops, manufactures and sells medical equipment products such as oxygen delivery and intravenous infusion delivery for ophthalmology, cardiovascular diagnosis, and anesthesia management in the United States, Canada and internationally.

  1. Atrion Corporation’s fluid delivery products include products that promote infection control, needle safety valves, and cannula, intravenous, and catheters used in the fields of anesthesia and oncology.
  2. Atrion Cardiovascular products include MPS2 myocardial protection system, which can provide liquids and drugs, and mixed drugs, and control temperature, pressure and other variables; heart surgery vacuum safety valve; silicone container loop retraction and obstruction of minimally invasive surgery catheters ; Used for balloon catheter expansion, stent deployment, and fluid distribution inflator devices, as well as those products used in heart bypass surgery.
  3. Atrion’s ophthalmic products include specialized medical equipment to help disinfect contact lenses; and balloon catheters for the treatment of blocked nasolacrimal ducts in children and adults.
  4. Atrion also manufactures instruments and related consumables to measure the activated clotting time of blood; safety needles and scalpel blades.
  5. In addition, Atrion also produces inflatable systems, which are mainly used for valves used in marine and aviation safety products; one-way and two-way pressure relief valves protect electronics and ammunition, and are used in other medical and non-medical applications; and others are used in survival Components used in the product.

Atrion mainly sells its products to doctors, hospitals, clinics and other treatment centers, and other equipment manufacturers through direct sellers, independent sales representatives and distributors.

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