Medical human resources company: AMN Healthcare Services (AMN) (1985)

AMN Healthcare Services Inc. (Snowball name: Ameron International) AMN Healthcare Services Inc. (NYSE: AMN) was founded in March 1985 and is headquartered in San Diego, California, with 3,236 full-time employees. It provides services to healthcare organizations in the United States Workforce solutions and staffing services.

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AMN Healthcare Services (AMN):

AMN medical service company is divided into 3 departments to operate: Nurse and Allied Healthcare Staffing (Nurse and Allied Healthcare Staffing), Temporary Tenens Staffing (Locum Tenens Staffing) and Physician Permanent Placement Services (Physician Permanent Placement Services).

AMN Healthcare Services services include:

  1. Travel nurse staffing (travel nurse staffing), brands include: American Mobile, Onward Healthcare, Nurses Rx, O??Grady-Peyton;
  2. Rapid response nurse staffing, a short-term staff solution of four to eight weeks, operating under the NurseChoice brand;
  3. Local, or per diem, staffing, daily shift work or on-demand basic services, using the Nursefinders brand;
  4. Temporary agency manpower (locum tenens staffing) provides specialists, clinicians and scientific workers with manpower services based on independent contracts from a few days to a year. Brands include: Staff Care, Linde Healthcare, Locum Leaders;
  5. Allied staffing (allied staffing), full-time staff for travel and local workers, brands include: Med Travelers, Club Staffing, Rx Pro Health; physician permanent placement services (physician permanent placement services)-for hospitals, medical facilities and physicians practice groups equipped with full-time staff, brands include: Merritt Hawkins, MillicanSolutions, Kendall & Davis; supplier management system (vendor management systems, VMS), including: ShiftWise and Medefis technology; RPO (recruitment process outsourcing, RPO); work Process optimization services, including: consulting, data analysis, predictive modeling and SaaS-based scheduling technology, brands include: Smart Square; temporary leadership and headhunting services; management service solutions.

In general, the labor solutions of AMN Medical Services include Management Service System (MSP), Supplier Management System (VMS), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), human resource consulting services, establishing predictive models, personnel scheduling, and Physicians, nurses, and full-time health care professionals are divided into two methods: appointment and full-time employment, to help customers reduce staff complexity, improve work efficiency and improve patient treatment results, and improve the medical environment.

AMN Medical Services’ customers include emergency and non-emergency nursing hospitals, community health service centers and clinics, doctor practice groups, family health care and other medical institutions. The business scope includes three types: nurses, full-time medical staff, temporary agency staff and Doctor’s full-time service.

AMN Healthcare Services (AMN) History:

  • In March 1985, American Mobile Nurses, Inc. was founded;
  • In January 1991, American Mobile Nurses released American Mobile Therapists;
  • In March 1994, American Mobile Nurses and American Mobile Therapists merged to form American Mobile Healthcare;
  • In November 1998, American Mobile Healthcare acquired Medical Express;
  • In June 2000, AMN Healthcare acquired Nurses Rx;
  • In May 2001, AMN Healthcare acquired O’Grady Peyton International;
  • In May 2001, AMN Healthcare released online job opportunities for healthcare professionals;
  • In November 2001, AMN Healthcare’s IPO was listed on the New York Stock Exchange;
  • In December 2001, AMN Healthcare released, a travel nursing website, and provided feature articles and job information about travel medical professions;
  • In June 2002, AMN Healthcare acquired, an ANCC certified provider of continuing education for registered nurses;
  • In October 2005, AMN Healthcare acquired Texas MHA Group (now Merritt Hawkins), making AMN the nation’s largest provider of comprehensive medical staffing solutions ;
  • In May 2007, AMN Healthcare acquired Rx Pro Health;
  • In July 2007, was released-providing a professional online community for nurses around the world, where they can connect, share experiences and learn about facilities, schools and open positions;
  • In September 2007, was released-a unique online resource for anesthesiologists and registered nurses;
  • In March 2010, AMN Healthcare cooperated with Clinton Health Access Initiative to recruit a volunteer pharmacy instructor in Port-au-Prince, Haiti after the devastating earthquake in Haiti;
  • In September 2010, AMN acquired Nursefinders Inc. (dba Medfinders);
  • In November 2013, AMN Healthcare acquired Shiftwise;
  • In December 2014, AMN Healthcare acquired Avantas;
  • In January 2015, AMN Healthcare acquired Onward Healthcare, Locum Leaders and Medefis;
  • In September 2015, AMN Healthcare acquired The First String Healthcare;
  • In October 2015, AMN Healthcare acquired Millican Solutions;
  • In January 2016, AMN Healthcare acquired BE Smith;
  • In June 2016, AMN Healthcare acquired Peak Health Solutions;
  • In October 2016, the stock code of AMN Healthcare was changed from NYSE:AHS to NYSE:AMN.
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