Metal packaging supplier: Ball Corporation (BLL) (1880)

Ball Packaging (or translation: Ball Corporation) Ball Corporation (NYSE: BLL) was founded in 1880 and is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, USA, with 18,450 full-time employees. It is a metal packaging manufacturer.

Ball Corporation BLL Logo

Ball Corporation (BLL):

Ball Corporation was originally Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of glass containers (canned bottles, etc.), and is now a metal packaging supplier for use in beverages, food, personal care and household products. Ball’s business is divided into four departments:

  • The Americas and Asia aluminum container business department is mainly responsible for the production of beverage packaging, and the service scope covers the United States, Canada, Brazil and mainland China;
  • European metal beverage packaging business unit, responsible for the production and sales of metal beverage containers;
  • The metal food and household product packaging business department is responsible for the production and sales of metal food, sprays, paints, general linear and curved aluminum containers, decorative special containers and lead blocks. The service scope covers the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico and Argentina ;
  • The aerospace and production technology departments are responsible for manufacturing and selling aerospace and other related products and services for use by the defense, civil aerospace, and commercial aerospace industries.

Milestones of Ball Corporation (BLL):

  • In 1956, Ball founded Ball Brothers Research Corporation to provide products and services to the aerospace industry. In 1995, it evolved into an independent branch-Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
  • 1972, July 13, Ball became a publicly traded company
  • 1972, December 17, Ball Company landed on the New York Stock Exchange, stock code: BLL
  • In 1993, Bauer Packaging withdrew from the household utensils business and divested related businesses to establish an independent listed Alltrista company (currently known as Jarden Corporation , (NYSE:JAH))
  • 1994, Ball Corporation began to produce PET plastic containers
  • In 1995, Ball Packaging and Saint-Gobain established a joint venture company-Ball-Foster Glass Container Co. to produce glass containers
  • 1996, Ball Corporation withdrew from the glassware industry and sold all of its business to Saint-Gobain
  • In 2002, Ball Packaging acquired Schmalbach-Lubeca AG, a German metal beverage container company, and established Ball Packaging Europe
  • In 2006, Ball Corporation acquired the largest aerosol can manufacturer in the United States-US Can, Inc.
  • In 2010, Bauer Packaging acquired Aerocan SAS, a manufacturer of aluminum aerosol cans and bottles, for US$292 million
  • In June 2016, Ball Corporation acquired Rexam Inc., a multinational consumer product packaging company based in the United Kingdom
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