Mid-to-high-end hand tool product company: Barnes Group (B) (1857)

Barnes Group Inc. (NYSE: B) was founded in 1857 and is headquartered in Bristol, Connecticut, USA. It has 5,749 full-time employees and is a diversified global manufacturer and logistics company. The service company provides precision parts manufacturing, operation service support and solutions for enterprises all over the world.

Barnes Logo

Barnes Group (B):

Founded in 1857, Barnes Group Inc. is a global industrial and aerospace manufacturer and service provider, serving a wide range of end markets and customers. Barnes Group Inc. provides engineering products, industrial technology and innovative solutions in the United States and internationally.

The Platinum Group is divided into two divisions: Industrial (Industrial) and Aerospace (Aerospace).

  • Industrial sector : Provide precision components, products and systems used by various customers in various end markets, such as transportation, industrial equipment, automation, personal care, packaging, electronics and medical equipment; this department also designs and manufactures hot runner systems, Mold cavity sensors and process control systems, as well as precision high-altitude mold components for injection molding applications. Provide force and motion control solutions for various metal forming and other industrial markets; design and develop robotic grippers, end-of-arm tool systems, sensors and other automation components for intelligent robotic processing solutions and industrial automation applications; in addition, it It also manufactures and supplies precision mechanical products, including mechanical springs, and high-precision stamped and fine-punched parts used in transportation and industrial applications, including mechanical springs and high-precision stamped and fine-punched parts. This department mainly sells products through its direct sales team and distribution channels.
  • Aerospace sector : production of precision-machined parts and components turbine engines; nacelles and structures of commercial and military aircraft. The department also provides maintenance, repair and overhaul services for turbine engine manufacturers, commercial airlines and the military; and manufactures and delivers aviation aftermarket parts. This department mainly serves the original equipment manufacturing industry.

Boinishi has 7 major product lines and more than 20,000 high-quality industrial products to ensure that it meets customers’ diverse product selection needs. Platinum products and solutions mainly include high-end hand tools, cutting tools and measuring tools, workshop storage, material handling, lockout and tagging, safety equipment, personal protection, etc., among which hand tools endura, Gedore (Gedore) ), Stanley, SATA, KNIPEX, Proto, Facom and other mainstream hand tool brands, are one of the few suppliers that can provide a complete line of hand tool products, training and solutions from mid-end to high-end.

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