Mobile operator: Cellcom Israel (CEL) (1994)

Cellcom Israel Ltd. (NYSE: CEL) was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Netanya, Israel. It has 3,392 full-time employees. It is a mobile communications company that provides cellular and landline telecommunications services in Israel, similar to China Telecom . China Mobile, etc.

Cellcom Israel Logo

Cellcom Israel (CEL):

Cellcom Israel Ltd. operates through two departments: Cellular and Fixed-line, providing cellular mobile communications services in Israel.

Israel Sekon provides basic cellular phone services, such as voice mail, cellular fax, call waiting, call forwarding, caller identification, conference calls, and inbound and outbound roaming services; as well as data transmission and upload and download services.

Israel Sekon also provides value-added services including SMS and MMS services; cloud backup and content services, including Cellcom Volume music applications and Cellcom TV applications; text and multimedia messaging services; and advanced cellular content services.

In addition, Israel Sekon also sells mobile phones, modems, tablets and laptops, and provides maintenance services.

Furthermore, Israel Secon provides transmission and data services to selected enterprise customers and telecom operators through optical fiber infrastructure and complementary microwave links.

In addition, Israel Sekon also provides Internet infrastructure and connectivity, international calls, landline calls, operators, conference calls and international long distance services.

As of December 31, 2014, the number of mobile phone subscribers of Israel Secon reached 2.967 million.

As of December 31, 2017, Israel Sekon had approximately 10.6 million cellular users.

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