Mobile phone accessories supplier: ZAGG Inc(ZAGG) (2005)

ZAGG Inc (NASDAQ: ZAGG) was founded in March 2005 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. It has 431 full-time employees. Together with its affiliates, it is engaged in the design and production of mobile phone accessories/accessories under the ZAGG and InvisibleShield brands. Sales.

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ZAGG Inc and its affiliated companies are engaged in the design, production and sales of accessories and accessories for mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other mobile communications and electronic equipment through various channels. Products include: protective covers, mobile phone cases, keyboards, keyboard covers, Headphones, mobile power supplies, cleaning products, etc. The main brand is ZAGG.

ZAGG also designs, produces and sells fashionable casings, near-field audio amplifiers, small earphones, traditional earphones, and gaming earphones used in mobile phones and media devices that young people like. The main brand is iFrogz.

In addition, ZAGG also produces and sells a protective product line with technological content under the brand InvisibleSHIELD.

ZAGG online is mainly sold through and

History of ZAGG Inc (ZAGG):

  • ZAGG Inc’s flagship product InvisibleShield was invented by Phillip Chipping in March 2005. After that, Protective Solutions, Inc. was established to start selling InvisibleShield products online and offline;
  • In September 2005, it was when Apple released the first iPod Nano product. ZAGG seized the opportunity and designed a full-protection case for the iPod. The result was unexpected results, which prompted ZAGG to start a variety of popular electronic products. Product design InvisibleShield brand protection cover;
  • In March 2006, the company changed its name to ShieldZone Corporation;
  • In July 2007, the company name was changed back to ZAGG Inc;
  • On November 10, 2009, ZAGG was transferred from OTC to Nasdaq, stock code: ZAGG;
  • In 2011, ZAGG acquired IFrogz.
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