Modus Real Software Company: ModusLink Global Solutions (MLNK) (1986)

ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: MLNK) was founded in 1986, formerly known as CMGI, Inc., and changed to its current name in 2008. It is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, and employs 2,200 full-time employees. Subsidiaries provide supply chain and logistics services for companies in the consumer electronics, communications, computing, software, storage and retail industries.

ModusLink Global Solutions

ModusLink Global Solutions (MLNK):

Medisac Software (formerly CMGI) is an American company that provides supply chain management services to technology and software companies around the world. The company has operations in North America, Europe and Asia (especially Mainland China). The company is divided into 4 departments to operate: Americas, Asia, Europe and e-commerce

ModusLink Global Solutions provides material planning and factory supply solutions, including the procurement and delivery of warehousing materials, the assembly and assembly of packaging materials and accessories, and the management of logistics and delivery plans to multiple manufacturing locations or partners; and value-added warehousing and Distribution services such as order management, packaging, packaging, shipping, retail connection, demand planning and integrated transportation management services, as well as solutions for the physical programming of digital content, including software, firmware, upgrades, or promotional materials to various types On flash media.

Medisal Software also provides after-sales service, including product return management services, to simplify the return process for retailers and manufacturers; and to provide customers with product repair and restoration services to increase the value of returns and excess inventory.

In addition, ModusLink Global Solutions provides e-commerce solutions, including e-commerce, contact center and financial management solutions, as well as a software platform that enables customers to manage access to digital and multimedia products, content, functions and services.

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