Molecular Diagnostics Company: Biocept, Inc. (BIOC) (1997)

Founded in 1997, Biocept, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOC) is headquartered in San Diego, California, and has 95 full-time employees. It is an early-stage molecular tumor diagnostic company that uses standard blood samples to develop and commercialize proprietary circulating tumor cells (Circulating Tumor). Cell, CTC) and circulating tumor DNA determination.

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Biocept, Inc. (BIOC):

Biocept’s cancer detection methods provide medical service providers with information to determine that a portion of cancer patients receive targeted treatment during diagnosis, progress, and monitoring, so as to determine the resistance mechanism. Biocept provides solid tumor detection, including: breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, melanoma, pancreaticobiliary duct cancer and ovarian cancer.

Biocept sells cancer diagnostic tests directly to oncologists and other doctors in private and collective clinics, hospitals and cancer centers in the United States, and sells its clinical trials and research services to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies and clinical research institutions.

Biocept’s products and services include:

  • OncoCEE-BR-used for breast cancer CTC test to help doctors determine the treatment plan
  • OncoCEE-LU-For the diagnosis and detection of non-small cell lung cancer
  • OncoCEE-GA-for gastric cancer detection and diagnosis aid
  • OncoCEE-CR-for colorectal cancer diagnosis and detection
  • OncoCEE-PR-for prostate cancer detection and diagnostic aid
  • OncoCEE-ME-for melanoma detection and diagnosis
  • CEE-Selector-Sequencing various cancer genes

Biocept (BIOC) investment reference:

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