Molecular Diagnostics Company: OpGen, Inc. (OPGN) (2002)

OpGen, Inc. (OPGN) was established in 2002. It is a molecular detection and biotechnology company headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland. It has 59 full-time employees. The company’s goal is to transform and transform and use innovative molecular diagnostics and information technology. Manage infectious diseases.


OpGen, Inc. (OPGN):

OpGen focuses on providing medical services and equipment, using molecular diagnostics and bioinformatics technology to treat life-threatening, antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. OPGN’s CLIA-certified laboratory can help medical staff more accurately screen, diagnose and prevent MDRO threats and infections.

OpGen has rich experience in microbial genetics, molecular diagnostics and bioinformatics technology. Based on the technology, OpGen has developed Acuitas™ MDRO gene test technology, which can directly detect 7 unique and key multidrug resistant bacteria (MDRO) genes, including Gram Carbapenem-negative genes related to Enterobacter (CRE) resistance.

OPGN’s technology:

  • Acuitas™ MDRO genetic test: quickly detect and confirm the presence of CRE
  • Acuitas Lighthouse™ MDRO Management System: A powerful bioinformatics tool that combines test results and hospital data to identify, discover, track and manage dangerous MDROs in real time
  • Acuitas Resistome test: rapid and comprehensive identification of more than 49 MDRO genes, drug resistance and drug sensitive genes for testing, in addition, it is used in AIDS follow-up investigation and research

OpGen, Inc. (OPGN) investment:

Opgen went public on May 5, 2015, with the stock trading code OPGN, with an issue price of US$6 (19.17% on the first day of listing), and plans to raise US$33.8 million.

Update in 2018: This is a company that has fallen to the black one by one. As of January 1st, only $0.18 per share is left.

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