Multifunctional lubricant manufacturer: WD-40 Company (WDFC) (1953)

WD-40 Company (NASDAQ:WDFC) was founded in 1953 and is headquartered in San Diego, California, with 448 full-time employees. It is a manufacturer and seller of household cleaning products. Its main business is: household lubricants (anti-rust), hand sanitizer, soap , Automatic toilet cleaner, aerosol, liquid general bathroom cleaner, etc.

WD 40 Company WFDC Logo

WD-40 Company (WDFC):

WD-40 has two main businesses, one is multi-purpose lubricants (the formula of WD-40 is a trade secret, in order to avoid disclosure of the formula, WD-40 has not registered any patents), the other is strong hand soap The production and sales of the products are sold through such channels as chain stores, hardware stores, and car supplies retailers. Company’s well-known products:

WD-40-a multi-purpose product that can be used as a lubricant, rust preventer, penetrant, cleaning agent and moisture exhauster, almost one can of American households; Lava strong hand soap.

WD-40 is a special product that is difficult to be strictly classified or defined. It was originally developed as a water barrier and anti-rust agent, but after the product was launched, people gradually discovered that it can also be used as a light lubricating oil or Solvents, glue removers, cleaning agents, and gradually change their uses. Due to its multi-purpose characteristics, WD-40 has a very high reputation all over the world.

WD-40’s products are sold in more than 160 countries around the world, and overseas revenue accounts for 30%. Three-in-one lubricants are also sold. Three-in-one lubricant is a low-cost universal lubricant.

Memorabilia of WD-40 Company (WDFC):

  • In 1953, Rocket Chemical Company was established;
  • In 1958, WD-40 products went on sale in San Diego;
  • In 1969, Rocket Chemical Company decided to change the company name directly to “WD-40 Company” because of the sales of this only product;
  • In 1973, Initial Public Offering (IPO), traded on Nasdaq, stock code: WDFC.

WD-40 product features (compiled from Wikipedia):

  • wd 40Lubrication and reduction of mechanical noise: As a petroleum-based oily agent, WD-40 can be used as a simple mechanical lubricant. But note that because the strength of the oil film produced is not very high, WD-40 is not suitable for high-load machinery as the sole lubricant. It is only suitable for light and low-load applications, such as keyhole lubrication. .
  • Rust resistance: Water resistance and rust resistance were originally the main purpose of WD-40 when it was first invented.
  • Glue remover: WD-40 is a substance containing petroleum preparations, so it has a considerable degree of solvent effect, especially for substances such as viscose. But it is not very corrosive to other substances, so it can be sprayed on paint or metal with confidence. In Taiwan, if a car is parked illegally, it will often be towed by the police. The adhesive on the door seals used by the police in the early years is very sticky, so after the seal is torn off, it often leaves behind the glue that is difficult to remove. For this reason, WD-40 is almost a must-have important tool for car owners, because it can be used to remove difficult-to-tangle residual glue on the paint, and stains such as tar.
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