Multinational electronics company: TDK Corporation of Japan (1935)

TDK Corporation (TDK Corporation; Tokyo Stock Exchange Division 1: 6762, formerly NYSE: TDK, formerly LSE: TDK), was founded in December 1935, formerly known as “Tokyo Electric Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.” (TDK Electronics Co., Ltd. ), headquartered in Japan, with 60,212 full-time employees, is a Japanese company that produces and sells electronic materials, electronic components and recording and data storage media worldwide. The company’s motto is “creativity, cultural industries and contribute to” [which, TDK = T okyo D enkikagaku K ōgyō = Tokyo Electronics and Chemicals].

TDK Corporation

TDK Corporation TDK Corporation:

TDK was founded in Japan on December 7, 1935 to produce ferrite cores that were just invented by Dr. Kato and Goro and Dr. Takei. The name TDK is the abbreviation of “Tokyo Denki Kagaku” (Tokyo Denki Kagaku), and the two founders belong to the Department of Electrical Chemistry, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

In 1951, TDK began to produce ceramic capacitors, invented magnetic audio tapes in 1953, listed on the Tokyo OTC market in 1959, listed on the main board of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1961, and began producing cassette tapes in 1966.

TDK Co., Ltd. established an office in New York City in 1965 to carry out American business; the tapes produced by TDK were used by NASA in 1969 as the tapes used to record the conversation of human beings on the moon for the first time. In 1970, an office was established in Frankfurt, West Germany to carry out European business.

In addition to electronic components, TDK also has a wide range of magnetic and optical media production businesses, including multiple formats of video tapes, blank CD-R and recordable DVD discs, which are more familiar to end consumers, and have also produced computer speakers. Industry trends made the company move to a new form of storage media. In 2004, TDK became the first media manufacturer to join the development of Blu-ray Discs.

Imation acquired TDK’s storage media business on July 31, 2007, and has the exclusive worldwide right to use the TDK Life on Record brand.

TDK operates a science and technology museum that showcases its related science and technology at the Hirazawa plant in Niigaho, Akita Prefecture, Japan. He also sponsored various events and events such as The Cross nightclub in central London, and sponsored the Crystal Palace Football Club from 1996 to 1999. Since 1983, TDK has continuously sponsored the 15th World Athletics Championships.

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