National ETF (Europe, Russia, Chile, Peru, Vietnam, India, etc.)

(1) A-share related ETF

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CAF Morgan Stanley China A-Share Index Fund-the first ETF listed on the U.S. exchange to directly invest in the mainland A-share market, with more than 80% invested in the mainland A-share market.

ASHR Deutsche X-trackers Harvest CSI300 CHN A-Tracking the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index, covering the largest and most liquid 300 stocks on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.

FXI China 25 Index ETF-iShares FTSE

XPP China 25 Index ETF-ProShares FTSE Doubles Long

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YANG Direxion Daily FTSE China Bear 3X ETF

YXI China 25 Index ETF-ProSharesl FTSE short

FXP China ETF-ProShares FTSE double short

(2) Russia-related ETF

  • RUSL triples long Russian ETF
  • RUSS triple short Russia ETF

(3) European related ETF

  • VGK European ETF-Vanguard MSCI-This ETF is mainly based on the stocks of major European stock markets. The investment markets include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Holding positions are all large and medium-sized stocks in traditional European developed countries, such as Nestlé, Royal Shell, Bayer Pharmaceuticals and other familiar names.
  • EZU European Union ETF-iShares MSCI-is linked to Eurozone countries, so the difference between it and VGK is obvious. For example, there is no British stock. In addition to Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Siemens, SAP and other well-known companies are also in the top ten holdings.
  • EWG Germany ETF-iShares MSCI
  • EWU UK ETF-iShares MSCI
  • EWQ France ETF-iShares MSCI
  • EWP Spain ETF-iShares MSCI
  • EWI Italy ETF-iShares MSCI
  • EWL Switzerland ETF-iShares MSCI
  • EWK Belgium ETF-iShares MSCI
  • EWD Sweden ETF-iShares MSCI
  • GREK Greece ETF-Global X FTSE

(4) TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership: The Trans-Pacific Partnership) beneficiary country ETF

  • Vietnam ETF-Market Vectors(AMEX:VNM) (TPP beneficiary country)
  • ECH Chile ETF-iShares MSCI (TPP beneficiary country)
  • EPU Peru ETF-iShares MSCI (TPP beneficiary country)
  • EPHE Philippines ETF-iShares MSCI (TPP beneficiary country)
  • INDA India ETF-iShares MSCI (TPP beneficiary country)

(5) Other

  • EWC Canada ETF-iShares MSCI
  • EFA EAFE Index ETF-iShares MSCI
  • VEA EAFE Index ETF-Vanguard MSCI —— refers to European, Australasian and Far Eastern, that is, Europe, Australia and the Far East. They are generally regarded as representatives of developed stock markets other than the United States. The top three market representatives are Japan and the United Kingdom And France.
  • EEM Emerging Markets ETF-iShares MSCI
  • VWO Emerging Markets ETF-Vanguard MSCI-ETFs invested in emerging markets issued by iShares and Pioneer Funds respectively. It is also the largest ETF in this field, and mainly invests in Asian markets, such as Tencent, Samsung, ICBC, CCB, China Mobile, etc. Well-known stocks are in the heavy holdings of both.
  • DXJ Japan Dividend Index ETF-WisdomTree
  • EWJ Japan ETF-iShares MSCI
  • EWZ Brazil ETF-iShares MSCI
  • FNI China ETF-First Trust
  • THD Thailand ETF-iShares MSCI
  • EWY Korea ETF-iShares MSCI


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