New shares: Innovation Economy (MYIE) (2010)

Innovation Economy Company (NASDAQ: MYIE) is a Delaware company founded on October 28, 2010, headquartered in Riverside, California, USA, with 28 full-time employees (7/10/2015), a collaborative company Economic model, a new type of growth company dedicated to unlocking all untapped innovation potential.

Issue of new shares:

Prospectus: 2015-4-3

IPO date: 2015-8-12

Issue price: US$6.4

Funds raised: 20 million US dollars

Innovation Economy Company MYIE Logo

Innovation Economy (MYIE):

Innovation Economy is formed by a group of entrepreneurs. Their common understanding is that “there are a large number of innovative designs, breakthrough research, and technologies that have not been commercialized in research institutions. If they are successfully commercialized, they can solve or help solve the problem. Most of the global problems”, and the potential of these untapped innovations may be huge. However, many of these innovations will never be seen, because the transformation of innovations in the laboratory into products on the market is a complicated, costly, and lengthy process with many difficulties.

After realizing the huge gap between laboratory innovation and commercialized products, the founders of ieCrowd created a business model to bridge the gap. The business goal of ieCrowd is to acquire or obtain licenses for creativity & innovation in these laboratories, and then commercialize them into product platforms, products, services or technologies, and then market them.

In May 2015, the company was talking about more than 20 projects. These patents and applications involved topics in various health-related technology fields.

Innovation Economy (MYIE) investment:

To put it simply: Innovation Economy (ieCrowd) is a company that uses the acquisition of ideas or innovative technology as a means, based on a strong alliance of entrepreneurs, to acquire or license promising creative patents, and then commercialize them. This kind of company, It may fly to the sky, or it may be worthless. Everyone decides for themselves.

Innovation Economy submitted its IPO prospectus on April 3, 2015, and will be listed on NASDAQ on July 16, 2015. The issue price is US$6.4, and it plans to raise US$20 million. The stock code is MYIE.

Company official website:

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