North America’s largest producer of special bar quality steel: Grupo Simec (SIM)

Grupo Simec, SAB de CV (AMEX: SIM) was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Guadalajara, Mexico . It has 4,201 full-time employees. It is a company that manufactures, processes and distributes special rods in the United States, Mexico , Canada and Brazil . SBQ steel and steel alloy products company. Grupo Simec, SAB de CV is a subsidiary of Industrias CH, SAB de CV.

Grupo Simec

Grupo Simec (SIM):

Industrias CH, SAB de CV (ICH) was established in 1934 under the name Herramientas, SA at the time, and was mainly dedicated to the production of agricultural, hand-crafted and construction tools. In the early 1960s, as part of vertical integration, ICH began to manufacture special steels and diversified in steel manufacturing, metal structures/buildings, bridge cranes and shipbuilding.

Industrias CH, SAB de CV (ICH) has played a key role in the industrialization of Mexico in its 80-year history. ICH produces and processes steel, and has continued to grow for the past three decades. ICH is the largest producer of special bar quality steel (SBQ) in North America and the top producer of commercial and structural steel long products in Mexico.

As a subsidiary of Industrias CH, SAB de CV, Grupo Simec, SAB de CV produces I-beam, channel steel, structural and commercial angle steel, hot-rolled bar, flat steel, steel bar, cold-rolled finished bar and wire rod, and semi-finished products Round tube billets and other semi-finished products for trade.

Grupo Simec, SAB de CVSBQ steel products are widely used in end-user engineering applications, including axles, hubs and crankshafts of automobiles, light trucks, machine tools and off-highway equipment; structural steel products are used in non-residential construction markets and other construction applications.

Grupo Simec, SAB de CV also exports its steel products to Central and South America and Europe.

Grupo Simec (SIM) investment:

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