Nuclear Components & Nuclear Fuel Company: BWX Technologies (BWXT) (1867)

BWX Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: BWXT) was founded in 1867, formerly known as The Babcock & Wilcox Company, and changed to its current name in June 2015. It is headquartered in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA and has 5,300 full-time employees. Companies that provide nuclear components, fuels and components to the US government.

BWX Technologies Logo

BWX Technologies (BWXT):

BWX Technologies, Inc., formerly Babcock & Wilcox Technical Services Group, Inc., is a member of Los Alamos National Security, LLC. It has a contract with HoneyWell and Bechtel Corporation to maintain Pantex Plant. The company participates in the management of integrated nuclear Security and Sandia National Laboratory. BWX Technologies, Inc. and Bechtel National, Inc., Lockheed Martin Services, Inc. , ATK Launch Systems, Inc. , SOC LLC, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. are joint contractors of Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC (CNS).

BWX Technologies Inc. is engaged in government bidding, commercial nuclear energy and technical services. The company is divided into three departments to operate: Nuclear Operations Department, Technical Services Department and Nuclear Energy Department.

  1. Nuclear Operations Department: It is further divided into design, key component manufacturing and nuclear fuel specially set up for the US Navy fleet, and transportation technology used in the nuclear energy industry.
  2. Technical Service Department: It is engaged in the management and operation of defense plans for state-owned and related facilities, nuclear non-proliferation, and advanced technology development. In addition, this department is also engaged in decommissioning, decontamination and cleaning operations for radioactive and hazardous waste.
  3. Ministry of Nuclear Energy: Focus on designing and manufacturing components and commercial nuclear power industrial systems, providing related maintenance services for power plants, and focusing on commercial nuclear power technology.

On July 1, 2015, BWX Technologies Inc. divested its subsidiary Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises (NYSE: BW) and went public independently. For the company history before July 2015, you can refer to:

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