Nutrition and Health International: Nutraceutical International (NUTR) (1993)

Nutraceutical International Corporation (NASDAQ: NUTR) was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Park City, Utah, USA. It has 818 full-time employees. It is a healthcare food provider that provides nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, etc. 1600 kinds of healthy food.

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Nutraceutical International (NUTR):

Neutraceutical International is engaged in the manufacture, sale, distribution and retail of branded nutritional supplements and other natural products in the US and international markets. It is a medical and health food provider. The main health foods include more than 1,600 nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, etc. (the leader is Herbalife ). At the same time, the company also publishes natural health books.

The products manufactured and sold by Neutraceutical International include vitamins, minerals, Chinese herbal medicines, personal care products, and functional foods. Dosage forms include: capsules, tablets, soft capsules, chewable tablets, liquids, creams, sprays, powders, and herbal medicines.

Nutrition and health international company Neutraceutical International sells product brands including: Solaray, KAL, Nature’s Life, LifeTime, Natural Balance, NaturalCare, Health from the Sun, Pioneer, Nutra BioGenesis, Life-flo, Organic South, Heritage Store, Monarch Nutraceuticals, etc.

In addition, Neutraceutical International also operates food peripheral products, with brands such as: The Real Food Company, Thom’s Natural Foods, Cornucopia Community Market; and operating health food stores, including: Fresh Vitamins, Granola’s, Peachtree Natural Foods, etc.

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After February 2014, no institution has made any rating or rating changes to NUTR.

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