[October 2020] Summary of account opening offers for Hong Kong and U.S. stock brokers-Weiniu Futu Tiger Xueyinghua Shengyouxin Securities

Home of the United States and major brokerages present a gift to Hong Kong and US stock investors-all customers who open an account and deposit via the Home of the United States from October 1st to 31st can participate. For a whole month, the wool will not stop! ! !

Note: This event is only applicable to new customers in Mainland China. Please be sure to use the exclusive and cooperative account opening link (QR code) provided on this page to enter and complete the registration and account opening to get rewards!

【October 2020, Wool Summary】

Brokerage name


Broker rewards

Site rewards

Apply for a card

Total cash value


Account opening link

Webull Securities


5 US stocks





Webull Account Opening

Tiger Securities


20% off for life + 1 share of Ali (Hong Kong)




Tiger Account Opening

Xueying Securities


activity details


The United States and the port of



Xueying Account Opening

Huasheng Securities


activity details





Hua blooming households

Youxin Securities


activity details




Youxin Account Opening

Futu Securities






Futu Account Opening

Nine Fortune Securities


activity details





Jiufu Account Opening

Activity rules (required):

  1. All overseas bank cards assisted by brokers are free of charge; the three brokers that provide U.S. cards handle the same cards, so you only need to apply for one of them; Hong Kong cards are handled according to the broker and the region where they are located. Card is also different;
  2. The total cash value includes cash + the donated stocks converted into Hong Kong dollars based on the current stock price. Due to real-time changes in exchange rates and stock prices, this number will vary slightly and will not be used as the basis for actual rewards received;
  3. A customer can open multiple securities accounts of multiple brokerage firms, but we do not encourage to open them when they are idle, and we recommend that you open them as needed;
  4. The bonus on this site needs to be no less than the broker’s deposit requirements 60 days after the deposit is made (except for trading losses), and at least 1-2 transactions are required . WeChat red envelopes will be issued after 60 days. Please contact this site to confirm in time after depositing;
  5. If the commission cannot be rebated due to improper operation of the customer, this site has the right to refuse the rebate.

1. Webull Securities

Xiaomi Investment Company, in July 2019, a C round of financing, obtained 250 million yuan of investment in the exclusive strategic investment of Gopher Assets, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange and a third-party wealth management institution, Noah Fortune. At present, it is the only broker that is truly commission-free (zero commission) among Chinese-funded US stock brokerages.

1. October 2020 limited-time promotion – register through this site, open an account with Weiniu US stocks, and make the first deposit of more than US$2100 before October 12th, you can get 5 US stocks rewards (single value of 9-1400 US dollars), This site has an extra 100 yuan red envelope.

2. From September to October 12, 2020-register through this site, open an account with Weiniu Hong Kong stocks, and make the first deposit of 20,000 Hong Kong dollars or more before October 12, and get 2 Alibaba Hong Kong stocks rewards.

Webull Securities [Hong Kong Stocks + US Stocks] Stock Offer Account Opening Link

Mobile phone users can directly scan the QR code to get the same discount:

webullerweima2020 6

Note: Hong Kong stocks and U.S. stocks rewards can only be one of them. If you open an account at the same time, the rewards are based on U.S. stocks.

2. Tiger Securities

Tiger Securities, a NASDAQ listed company, a holder of U.S. stock clearing qualifications, and a Chinese-funded U.S. stock brokerage firm, has finally lowered its profile to attract customers. In July 2020, United U.S. Stocks Home launched an account opening gift + handling Bank of America Card services: Any customer who completes registration, account opening, and deposit via the link on this page or the QR code can get: 20% off lifetime commission + 1 share of Ali + free overseas bank card service .

Tiger Securities Account Opening Link

Mobile phone users can scan/recognize the QR code below to complete the account opening and get the same discount.

tigererweima 4

Tiger Securities Account Opening QR Code

3. Futu Securities

NASDAQ-listed companies, US stock clearing qualification holders, Hong Kong stock brokerage first brother-Futu Securities, has always been one of the largest and best brokers for customers. Promotions will continue in January: all through the home of US stocks Customers who complete registration, account opening, and deposit 20,000 Hong Kong dollars can get: 180-day commission-free + lottery (prize value of 130 Hong Kong dollars-1000 US dollars) + official VIP one-to-one service; in addition, if you are transferring accounts from other brokers to rich You can also get a reward of 300-1000 yuan.

Futu Securities Account Opening Offer

Please register, open an account, deposit via the link above, or mobile phone users can scan/recognize the QR code below to complete the account opening and get the same discount.

futuerweima 3

Futu Securities Account Opening QR Code

Four, Huasheng Securities

Huasheng Securities, a subsidiary of Sina Weibo, has always been cautious in terms of discounts. This time, it has also launched an account opening discount activity. Any customer who completes the registration and opening of an account and deposits 12,000 Hong Kong dollars through the home of the United States can get: New account opening A commission-free card worth 900 HKD (valid for 90 days) + 250 HKD Hong Kong stocks new gift package (first deposit ≥ 12,000 HKD to receive)-including 3 50 HKD financing vouchers (subscription amount ≥ 100,000 HKD available) and 5 20 HKD financing to sell new coupons (available for subscription amount ≥ 30,000 HKD), valid for 90 days. The exclusive cash reward of 100 yuan on this site remains unchanged (you can get it from me if you deposit 30-60 days without withdrawal).

Huasheng Securities Account Opening Link

Mobile phone users can directly scan the QR code below to open an account.

hstongerweima 7

Huashengtong Account Opening QR Code

5. Xueying Securities

Ant Financial’s participation in the investment, Interactive Brokers’ partners, and Xueying Securities under the Snowball Group are also important partners for this event. Anyone who completes registration, opens an account and deposits more than US$3,000 (or equivalent in Hong Kong dollars) through the Home of Stocks Customers can get many important gifts, for specific reference: Xueying Securities 2020 latest promotions

Xueying Securities Account Opening Link

Mobile phone users can directly scan the QR code below to open an account.

snowball2020new2 4

6. Youxin Securities

Youxin Securities is a licensed securities firm in Hong Kong (Central Code: BJA907). It holds No. 1, 4, and 9 licenses granted by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission. It is a fully licensed high-quality securities firm recognized by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission. It is committed to complying with Hong Kong financial regulations to protect investor asset safety .

Open an account through this site Youxin Securities, deposit more than 20,000 Hong Kong dollars, 60 days without withdrawal and at least one transaction (except for the official share bonus) official reward of 100 yuan in cash + 200 yuan commission voucher.

Youxin Securities Multiple Preferential Account Opening Link →→→Youxin Securities Free Commission + Free Gold Account Opening Link

Mobile phone users can scan the QR code to open an account and get the same discount!

youxin 3

Youxin Securities Account Opening QR Code

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Rebate support:

Please be sure to register and open an account through the link of this site, and then join the QQ group below to register for commission rebates.

meigubaike 4

The above content is not used as investment basis and any other basis!

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