Oil and gas company: Alta Mesa Resources (AMR)

Alta Mesa Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMR) was founded on November 16, 2016, formerly known as Silver Run Acquisition Corporation II. It was changed to its current name in February 2018 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. The acquisition and development of unconventional oil and gas reserves in the Anadarko Basin (known as the STACK area).

Alta Mesa Resources

Alta Mesa Resources (AMR):

Alta Mesa Resources, Inc. was formerly the blank check company Silver Run Acquisition Corporation II. In February 2018, it completed the acquisition of the core assets of Alta Mesa Holdings, LP and the natural gas processing assets of Kingfisher Midstream LLC. Acquisition and integration to become the current Alta Mesa Resources, Inc.

Alta Mesa has assembled a large, highly continuous leased site and identified more than 4,000 horizontal drilling locations in the Osage, Meramec and Oswego formations.

Kingfisher Midstream is mainly dedicated to providing crude oil collection, gas collection and processing and marketing for natural gas, NGL, crude oil and condensate producers in STACK; it has an energy asset network, including more than 300 miles of existing low-pressure and high-pressure pipelines, every day 600,000 cubic feet of cryogenic natural gas processing plants, 100,000 cubic feet per day purchase processing, and 2 million cubic feet of cryogenic processing plants built daily.

The Kingfisher Midstream collection and processing system is strategically positioned. With the highly active STACK area drilling activities and the increase in production, it is expected that Kingfisher Midstream’s production capacity will gradually be saturated (only enough for Alta Mesa, not for lease).

Alta Mesa has an experienced management team whose mission is to maximize the profitability of its assets in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. The Alta Mesa team applies advanced engineering analysis and enhanced geological technology to underdeveloped or over-researched resource areas to create value and adopt strict management processes to enable it to respond flexibly to the market.

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