Oil and gas equipment company: NCS Multistage Holdings (NCSM)

NCS Multistage Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: NCSM) was founded in 2006, formerly known as Pioneer Super Holdings, Inc., and changed to its current name in December 2016. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, with 363 full-time employees, it is an oil and gas company An equipment company that provides engineering products and support services for oil and gas completion and oilfield development strategies in the United States and internationally.

NCS Multistage Holdings

NCS Multistage Holdings (NCSM):

NCS Multistage is an independent technology and service company specializing in multistage completions.

In 2006, NCS Oilfield Services, a Canadian company based in Calgary, developed a series of coiled tubing fracturing tools for the coalbed methane market. The following year, the company began to provide downhole completion tools and services for unconventional and conventional completions, including an expanded series of coiled tubing deployment fracturing tools. In 2008, NCS launched the Mongoose Frac® System to compete with plug-in and spherical sliding sleeve technology. The new system combines sandblasting and perforation with fracturing isolation tool components, enabling operators to accurately design and execute completions without practical restrictions on the number and location of stages. The system also simplifies post-completion operations by eliminating gas plugs and ball seats that restrict the wellbore. In the same year, NCS also registered and established NCS Energy Services in the United States, headquartered in Houston, serving the American market.

In 2010, NCS Multistage introduced a new type of sliding sleeve (GripShift® sliding sleeve), used in conjunction with fracturing isolation components, to further simplify multi-stage completions by eliminating the need for jet perforation. This new system, sold under the Multistage Unlimited® brand, combines controlled precision fracturing with recorded downhole pressure and temperature, allowing operating companies to evaluate and optimize unconventional completions.

In 2014, NCS Multistage launched the MultiCycle® fracturing casing, which can be opened and closed repeatedly, providing operators with unprecedented flexibility to complete, produce and refill unconventional wells. So far, more than 170,00 NCS casings have been installed, including more than 40,000 MultiCycle fracturing casings.

In 2014, the company changed its name to NCS Multistage in the United States and Canada to reflect the company’s focus and market leadership in multistage completions. Today, the company has become a global leader in the field of coiled tubing hydraulic fracturing and is committed to developing unconventional oil and natural gas resources. NCS operates in North America as well as Argentina, Australia, China and Russia, setting a record of success in more than 10,000 oil fields.

NCS Multistage Holdings’ products include: sliding casing, downhole fracturing isolation components, sandblasting and perforating products, spotfrac system, ballshift sliding casing, airlock casing buoyancy system, liner suspension system and spectrum tracker service. The company also provides customers with consulting services on well completion design and oilfield development strategies.

NCS Multistage Holdings, Inc. mainly provides its products and services to exploration and production companies for onshore oil wells through technically trained direct sales teams, operating partners or sales representatives.

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