Oil and gas midstream asset company: Blueknight Energy Partners (BKEP)

Blueknight Energy Partners, LP (NASDAQ:BKEP) was founded in 2007, formerly known as SemGroup Energy Partners, LP, changed to its current name in December 2009, and is headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. With 370 full-time employees, it is an oil and gas midstream asset company that provides integrated terminal (storage facilities), collection and transportation services for companies engaged in the production, distribution and marketing of liquid asphalt and crude oil products in the United States.

Blueknight Energy Partners

Blueknight Energy Partners (BKEP):

Blue Knight Energy Partners is divided into 4 departments to operate :

Asphalt Terminalling Services, Crude Oil Terminalling Services, Crude Oil Pipeline Services, Crude Oil Trucking and Producer Field Services.

  1. Asphalt terminal service department -provides asphalt terminal services, including storage, mixing, processing and throughput services of asphalt products and residual fuel oil. As of March 7, 2018, the department had 56 terminals in 26 states.
  2. Crude oil terminal service department -provides terminal services, including crude oil storage, mixing, processing and throughput services. The department owns and operates 34 crude oil storage tanks with a storage capacity of approximately 6.6 million barrels.
  3. Crude Oil Pipeline Services Department -owns and operates a crude oil transportation system with a total length of approximately 655 miles; and purchases crude oil from production leases in Oklahoma and sells the crude oil at Cushing Interchange.
  4. Crude oil freight and production field service department -provide crude oil producer field services, including collecting condensate from natural gas companies and transporting the produced water to treatment wells; and producer field services, such as natural gas gathering pipeline maintenance, cold and hot fresh water transportation, Chemical and downhole treatment, wet oil cleaning, and separation facility construction and maintenance services. This department owns or leases approximately 65 tank trucks; and operates an original manufacturer’s service fleet of approximately 85 trucks.

Blueknight Energy Partners GP, LLC operates as a general partner of Blueknight Energy Partners, LP.

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